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About Monograms

With Monograms, you get: A choice of hand-selected hotels in centrally located neighborhoods. 
 Transportation between cities and countries, including traveling in reserved premium seating via high-speed train. 
 A half-day of guided sightseeing in each city. VIP access to must-see landmarks (this means, you skip the lines and save valuable time). Countless customizable choices – from optional excursions to accommodation upgrades. The onsite services of a local expert – a Monograms Local Host. 
 Monograms YourWay Local Hosts make all the difference for Monograms travelers! From organizing excursions to answering questions about the local culture and customs, a Monograms Local Host can turn every question into an answer and every problem into a solution. 
 Your Local Host is there to serve as a guide to help you personalize your vacation and Monograms invites you to use your local expert as much – or as little – as you would like, day or night. Monograms YourWay Monograms vacations were created so you can tailor your vacation to your specific likes, interests and travel style. YourWay takes the Monograms concept one step further by allowing you to choose the number of nights you wish to stay in select European cities. For the first-time visitor to London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Amsterdam, Monograms has found that 3 nights is the magic number for the optimal city experience. But maybe you’ve already spent time in Paris or want to explore more of Rome. With Monograms YourWay, you can customize your stay from two to five nights in these popular cities. Two nights to explore. A two-night YourWay package is perfect if you have limited time or if you have previously visited a destination. Monograms vacations always kick off with a half-day of guided sightseeing in each city with VIP access to famous attractions. Once you’ve enjoyed this city orientation (and skipping the lines at the top sights!) you can use your remaining time to explore independently, checking your top “must-sees” or “must-dos” off your list. Not sure how to prioritize? Your Local Host® will have plenty of suggestions and optional excursions! Three, four or five nights to discover more. A three-or-more-night YourWay package allows additional time for deeper discoveries and cultural immersion. After the included half-day of guided sightseeing with VIP access, these longer packages allow you to tap your Local Host for more suggestions and favorites, and take advantage of additional Activities & Excursions (you can find a listing in the package details for each vacation). With more time to explore – armed with the knowledge and guidance of a Local Host – you will be transformed from “looker” to “local” in a matter of days.


Monograms is an Independent Travel brand which is part of the Globus Family of Brands established to help independent travellers let someone else do the planning. After 12 years of designing tailor made trips to exotic destinations Monogram travel specialists love to plan, coordinate and schedule everything for you taking away the stress and hassle of planning your trip independently. From arranging to stay in your desired hotels, book private transportation to providing you with your own Local Host each itinerary is uniquely designed to suit your personal needs. Want to bypass the lines at the popular attractions? With Monogram’s “VIP” access, you’ll jump straight to the front of any line giving you more time at every point of interest. Monograms stays with you from the planning stages right until moment you arrive home. They are there to assist you with restaurant reservations, score fantastic seats at a local sporting event and provide you with their very own local favourite picks of places to visit which are off the beaten track. Why waste endless hours of organizing when Monograms can do it for you?


There are different ways to travel. You can choose to go with a group ... You can choose a do-it-yourself vacation... Or, you can choose something in-between. Something that’s better than going it alone. It’s called Monograms and there’s nothing else like it. Monograms invites you to travel the world independently, with expert help.
An award-winning travel company, Monograms has put together a robust portfolio of incredible vacations around the globe. From vacation planning to on-trip logistics – including your own onsite Local Host® – Monograms is with you every step of the way.


Pre-trip Health & Safety Measures

Travellers are now required to offer Globus family of brands’ personnel one of the following printed and/or
digital verifications upon arrival:
• Proof of COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days prior to travel
• Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within 72-hours of travel
• Proof of recovery from a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis within three months of travel

Without one of these verifications, travellers will not be able to join a planned holiday with Globus,
Cosmos, Avalon Waterways or Monograms. These requirements are in addition to any federal or state
government regulations. 

In addition to unveiling new COVID-19 parameters required at the start of each holiday departure, the
Globus family of brands announced that they will facilitate – and cover – additional COVID-19 testing, if
required, for guests to return to their home country, as well as tests on the trip if guests show symptoms.

These new protocols will take effect in April 2021.

Today’s world has changed, but what remains certain is our commitment to guest safety, comfort and peace-of-mind while traveling with us. To that end, we have established a worldwide Assurance program, with enhanced on-trip protocols and procedures, to ensure the health – and happiness – of our guests throughout their travels with us.

It all starts with our Global Health & Safety Team, dedicated to ensuring that cleanliness of all operations exceeds today’s travel standards—from start to finish. The following areas address our commitment to providing a safe and clean environment for our guests.

We will enact new check-in procedures and pre-trip health screenings to offer guests a safe start to their journey, including adherence to social distancing requirements.

We will ensure safe distances for our guests throughout the journey, on transportation and during excursions. This includes providing masks for our guests use at any time where social proximity could be an issue as well as the possibility of reducing group sizes, if required. And wireless listening technology enables safe distances between our guests and other travelers on excursions.

To ensure a healthy environment for our team and our guests, we will conduct regular temperature checks for both guests and our team, and when necessary, masks will be worn by our team when with guests.

Traveling with Monograms removes many of the “touch points” of travel, including luggage handling, check in/out, expedited entry into attractions and more. We are further reducing risk with hands-free service, meaning all self-services replaced by staff, including buffet meals replaced with table service. We will also ensure hand sanitizing is available throughout each trip, and in hotels.

As a part of our commitment to clean, we are requiring enhanced cleaning procedures with our hotel partners, on vehicles and throughout every trip, including additional daily disinfecting procedures that go above-and-beyond our already strict health and safety procedures.

Monograms has strict health and safety protocols, which have been in place for years, focused on ensuring all aspects of our operation--from vehicles and equipment used on trip to excursions and hotel procedures. This process will continue with new, elevated health and safety checks, to maintain our promise that each touch-point of our vacations are considered in our commitment to guest and team member well-being.

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