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Baltic Events

Baltic Events

Headquarters in Riga, Latvia

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  • Fabulous Fjords & Stockholm reviewer 1
    Written on September 6th, 2022
    Good tour - could spend more time in Oslo and Stockholm.
  • CL

    Baltic Metropoles

    Written on June 26th, 2022
    This tour was perfect for us. It offered lots of flexibility for side excursions and just the right blend of being with a guide or exploring some areas on our o…
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    Baltic Events commented on this review
    Hi Craig, thank you for your lovely feedback. We are so happy to hear that you had a great and interesting time and look forward to seeing you on our other tours, perhaps more of the Scandinavian countries next time.
  • Y

    Fabulous Lapland

    Written on February 25th, 2020
    Definitely worthy! Our tour guide was very helpful and thoughtful. He gave us a lot of suggestion, which make the journey best. When northern light is on, he is…
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    Baltic Events commented on this review
    Dear Yan! Thank you for your lovely review! It was our pleasure to look after you! We are happy to hear that your Lapland trip was fantastic! Hope to see you again in future on other tours. Baltic Events & Travel
  • GT

    Baltic Highlights New Year (4 destinations)

    Written on January 10th, 2020
    We had a great trip with a wonderful guide. Would certainly recommend this trip and company to anyone. Thank you!
    Baltic Events commented on this review
    Dear Gayle! Thank you for your great feedback! We are very happy that you enjoyed your Baltic New Year Trip. Hope to you see you for our other trips in future!
  • KP
    Written on July 31st, 2019
    Excellent tour which delivered what was arranged. We loved the flexibility of being able to choose optional tours or to opt out and do our own thing. Loved no…
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    Baltic Events commented on this review
    Dear Kathleen! We are very happy to hear you enjoy the tour. Thank you for taking the time to leave us your valuable feedback. We hope to see you again on our other tours. Baltic Events & Travel
  • MC

    Russian Capitals Tour

    Written on July 30th, 2019
    We are very happy with the tour.
    Baltic Events commented on this review
    Dear Madduma! Thank you for your lovely feedback. We are happy you have enjoyed the tour. Hope to see you again soon. Baltic Events & Travel
  • PV
    Written on June 25th, 2019
    Quality and cost of optional tours and dining needs improving. Tour group to be exclusive not mixed with other groups. Final night should have a free farewell d…
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    Baltic Events commented on this review
    Thank you for your valuable feedback! I would like to draw attention that for our optional tours there is no minimum number of pax to operate them. They all are offered as guided visits with guide, transportation and entrance tickets to places visited. For all optional tours we provide guests during welcome meeting with information about time, duriation, inclusions and of course price. Therefore, we believe that we give guests oportunity to decide if they do want to participate or not. In general, approximately 30% of guests who travel with us book these tours. We often receive from our guests feedback that they appreciate the fact that our programs do leave a lot of free time for guests, allowing to explore cities on their own, or do some other activity. We believe that we should offer guests chance to fill their time but at the same time we want to leave a lot of flexibilty so that guests can plan their own activities. We also have all information about prices and variety of tours available before departure that allows guests to conclude what they want to do and which periods of their time they prefer to spend time individualy. When it comes to dinners, we offer dinners that are different in each city and dinners that are not necesarely only traditional or folk dinners. We aim to offer variety and we also leave it up to guests to decide if they want to plan their evenings on their own or join other guests. Therefore we offer both option to have half board at hotels or to choose dinners at city restaurants. We have been very much thinking also about guests who want to have more time together with group, more intimate atmosphere and more inclusions and have created program called Baltic Lifestyle. I hope you had a great time in Baltics and hope to see you again on our other tours. Kind regards Baltic Events & Travel

Baltic Events Tours

About Baltic Events

Baltic Events & Travel is offering tourist services and travel packages for visiting the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia.


Escorted guaranteed tours to Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Baltics and Poland
Multi-country ones offering to see a combination of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland and more
Individual and couple bookings are welcome
Our team will also take care of bespoke private tours for groups, please ask

Questions & Answers

  • What are your protective measures amidst Covid-19 outbreak?

    Baltic Events remains concerned about the health and wellbeing of our guests. The Covid-19 crisis requires additional regulations and precautions in addition our regular safety and security procedures. As we are preparing to receive the first guests during the Covid-19 crisis we are following all recommendations from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which also takes into account the guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). We are working closely to together with the Baltic Ministries of Health and other health authorities to determine the additional regulations and precautions which we and our suppliers are forced to observe and implement in order to keep our guests safe and well during their visit. The three Baltic countries are currently some of the least affected countries in Europe. The numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases and the numbers of fatalities are low compared with the rest of Europe. The three Baltic countries are coordinating regulations and precautions closely between themselves. There are smaller differences in the precise legislation and regulations across the three countries, though. This protocol lines out the general regulations and precautions which are in force and which we are implementing to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests during the Covid-19 crisis on the date noted at the end of the document. Entry to the destinations: As of 15.05.2020 the Baltic countries has created a local ‘travel bubble’, which means that people resident in any of the three countries can travel freely in the whole area. Visitors arriving from other countries at airports or land borders have to quarantine for two weeks by arrival. We expect that the quarantine requirements may be waived for certain nationalities in the weeks and months to come. Departure and arrivals at airports: All airports are obliged to follow the regulations of the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which you will find on this link: Please note: Only passengers with a valid ticket are allowed into the terminals by departure Only passengers wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) are allowed into the terminals by departure or arrival. Passengers have to wear the equipment at all times while in the terminals and are required to practice proper hand hygiene All passengers will have to submit to a health screening before entering the terminals by departure. Passengers who show symptoms of Covid-19 or have a body temperature above 37.8 °C will not be allowed into the terminals. Arriving passengers are not submitted to any health check. All passengers have to pass the regular security and costumes checks and they will have to pass border controls as long as full border control is applicable All passengers and staff at the terminals are required to keep physical distancing as “2-by-2” meters Health and safety promotion materials are widely available at the airport premises (entrances, information screens, gates, lounges etc.) Passengers are recommended, where possible, that contact with surfaces should be minimized using electronic alternative processes (e.g. mobile check-in, non-contact boarding etc.). Please note in particular that our guides, tour leaders and drivers are not allowed to enter the terminals. At arrival, the guests will be met by a presentative outside the terminals with a sign with the name of the guests/company Regulations and precautions at hotels: Hotels are in general following the guidelines issued by the local bodies of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Local authorities and Hotel Associations are still working to issue up-dated protocols. Regulations by local authorities include: Reinforced ventilations of all areas, reinforced cleaning programs in public areas with frequent disinfection of all surfaces. Reinforced room cleaning procedures including disinfection of all surfaces and extra disinfection of bathrooms areas. Physical distancing in all public areas. Sanitizers provided in all key public areas (front desk, elevators restaurants, bars etc.) Glass shields at front desks. Contactless check-in/out and payments available. Reinforced food safety standard and only staff allowed to handle food at buffets. Reduced access to shared surfaces and objects such as pens, touch screens, computers, keyboards, mice etc. Staff comprehensively trained in safety and hygiene programs. Staff provided with PPE such as disposal face masks and gloves. Regulations and precautions in vans and coaches: We have in co-operation with local authorities issued the following instructions to all our transport companies: We only allow coaches to drive with 50 percent of the number of guests the coaches are approved for, in large coaches with 45-49 passenger seats, we only allow 23 to 25 guests + driver and guide. We allow vans only to drive with 2/3 of number of guests they are approved for. Car are allowed to drive with the number of persons they are registered for, however one person, one couple or one family. All guests have to sit with the face in the same direction. All vehicles are equipped by hand sanitizers. Drivers and guests are obliged to use the hand sanitizers by entry. Passengers and drivers in all vehicles are required to wear disposal face masks during all transport. Transport companies are obliged to ventilate and disinfect the vehicles before and after each trip or after 3 hours of driving. Window frames, handrails, handles, seat backrests etc. must be cleaned and floors and surfaces are sprayed with disinfectant. Regulations and precautions at restaurants: Restaurants and other catering establishments are allowed to remain open day and evening. Opening hours differ from country to country and from place to place. The number of guests is limited according to the total capacity of the establishment and local regulations. Tables have to be placed min. 2 meters and from each other and guests and staff have to practice physical distancing. Restaurants allow a limited number of persons, generally 2-4 persons at each table or one family. Restaurants need to have hand sanitizers and informative signs at the entrances requiring guests to avoid close contact with staff and practise proper hand hygiene. Guests are not allowed to handle food at buffets. All salt, pepper, sugar cans etc. on tables have to be replaced by disposal packs. Regulations and precautions at museums: Museums and exhibitions are generally open. Museums must ensure control of the flow of visitors both outside and inside the museums in order to prevent crowding of visitors, to ensure the maintenance of physical distancing and that the number of simultaneous visitors does not exceed 1 person per 4 m2 of the museum’s public spaces. Museums are individually evaluating the possibility to provide services for groups of visitors and most museums accept only smaller groups starting from max. 6 persons Physical distancing must be practised at all times. Visitors are required to wear disposal face masks during the whole visit. Museums are obliged to have hand sanitizers and informative signs about Covid-19 regulations and precautions displayed at entrances. Regulations and precautions for guides, tour leaders and drivers: Guides, tour leaders and drivers are trained in basic personal protective precautions and in our protocol on Covid-19 regulations and precautions. Guides, tour leaders and drivers and are only allowed to meet guests wearing disposal face masks and are required to use face masks at all time when required by local regulations. Guides and tour leaders are firmly instructed to check that Covid-19 regulations and precautions are observed at all hotels, restaurants, museums, coaches etc. and report any problem without delay to our Safety and Security Management General changes of timing of programs: Please note that as a result of the many additional Covid-19 regulations and procedures it will in many cases be impossible to realize programs with original-planned timing. Guides and tour leaders are instructed, if needed, to shorten tours and visits to keep the planned overall timing and to prioritize the safety of the guests above other concerns. General restrictions on the destinations: There are no general curfews anywhere. Shops and shopping centres are open day and evening. Opening hours differ from country to country and from place to place. Public transportation in the cities is generally working according to schedules. Gradually saunas, spas, swimming pools, water centres entertainment establishments are allowed to open. Requirement for max. 50 per cent capacity to be used, for disinfection and for physical distancing must be guaranteed. Nightclubs and casinos are closed. Also, movies, performances, concerts, conferences, fairs, festivals and other public events are being allowed in the summer, if physical distancing is observed. The countries are setting their own specific max. numbers of participants and max. duration of outdoor and indoor events. Face masks or mouth covers are required in public transport and at bus stops, train stations, coach terminals etc. and is highly recommended in all other places. People have to practice physical distancing in public places and indoors. Public places include also beaches, promenades, hiking trails, etc. Internal company regulations and precautions: Offices are partly closed and all staff is until further notice instructed as much as possible to practice homework. Staff is required to report to their management immediately if they show any Covid-19 symptoms as determined by WHO and local health authorities and self-quarantine for two weeks. Offices are disinfected and the number of working places and the layout has been changed to correspond with the requirements for physical distancing. Hand sanitizers and PPE is available at all offices. All staff is trained in basic personal protective precautions and our protocol on Covid-19 regulations and precautions. Staff is only allowed to meet suppliers, customers and guests wearing PPE such as disposal face mask and hand gloves

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