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African elephants and antelopes standing in tall grasslands.

African Budget Safaris

Affordable safaris on TourRadar

Embarking on a safari in Africa is one of the most incredible things a traveller can do in their life. Watching the sunrise over the plains, witnessing the Great Migration in Tanzania, or just enjoying every second in one safari park after another; there's truly nothing like it.

But if you want to do it all on a tight budget, is it possible? Of course! We've carefully assessed all African safaris and customer reviews on TourRadar and handpicked these affordable safaris from high quality tour operators:

How to compare safari tours

How to find a cheap safari

  • Go during low or shoulder season

    Some destinations need to be visited at their peak for the best experience, but that is simply not the case with safaris. Most safari destinations are amazing year-round, and there's always something to be found no matter when you visit. Not only will you find your flights and accommodation less expensive, but visiting during the low season often comes with benefits such as seeing newborn animals and jaw-dropping birdlife!
  • Consider camping and budget lodging

    While those Instagram-worthy safari lodges may look amazing, they come at a steep price. You don't have to break the bank on accommodation on a safari, though it's certainly possible! If you're looking to save money, consider a camping safari or budget accommodation. Note that these options will usually be located outside of the safari park and game reserve, with the cheapest options fairly far away. 
  • Join a group

    Embarking on a safari on a group tour is one of the best ways to maximize your time while also saving money. Not only will you share costs for transport, the services of local guides, and some food expenses, travelling with a tour group means you'll be able to share the experience with like-minded individuals while enjoying the safety and comfort that a group tour provides. This is an especially good option for solo travellers, or travellers new to international travel.
  • Explore one destination at a time

    While it would be amazing to be able to experience multiple countries over the course of one safari, expenses can quickly add up when you're travelling from country to country on a safari. Consider the cost of visas, vaccinations, and transportation: Africa is massive, and travel between countries often requires flights. Visiting one destination per visit allows travellers to keep costs low while totally immersing them in one country's unique culture and sights.
  • Travel by road

    If ticking multiple countries off your list during your safari is a must, the most cost-effective way of doing so is through travelling by road. While it will take significant time (some drives often last up to 10 hours), it's a great way of saving money. In addition, travellers are treated to stellar views of their destination and given a chance to rest up and get to know their travel companions along the way.
  • Hunt for best deals

    Before you decide to go on a safari, it's important to determine where you'd like to go, when you'd like to do it, and what you'd like to see. Once you know that, then you can start looking for the best deals on your destination and dates! TourRadar is home to thousands of safari trips, from the luxurious to the budget-conscious: you're sure to find something that suits your needs, at a price that suits your budget! Check out some of our best safari deals here.

Best destinations for a budget safari

Because there are so many incredible safari destinations all over Africa, it can be difficult to decide where, exactly, travellers will have their dream experience. If you can't quite decide, we've put together a few tips and tricks for budget safaris in a few of our favourite destinations. 

Budget safari reviews

  • Namibia Nomad with Absolute Africa

    "The Namibia Nomad tour exceeded all expectations that I had prior to departing. Not only was the route excellent and included a number of interesting stops and activities to partake in, but our guide Peter did an excellent job in coordinating all members of the tour and requisite meals. During the three weeks on the truck I do not recall eating the same dinner twice which speaks to Peter's cooking prowess. (...)"  Read more
  • Cape to Namibia - 14 days with On The Go Tours

    "(...) Camping turned out to be so much fun and we experienced so much in a day that it was hard to wrap my head around the beauty and diversity of what I was so fortunate to be experiencing. I trusted the driver with my life, the guide had excellent knowledge of the areas we visited and the cook made a point of impressing us every single day - creating fantastic meals with the ingredients he picked up along the way. (...)"  Read more
  • Serengeti & Zanzibar Wanderer (Zanzibar to Nairobi) with Dragoman

    "I had an amazing time. I always felt safe and well informed. We did so much in 2 weeks and I did everything I wanted. I was always safe and well looked after and our cook was the best."  Read more
  • Cape Town to Vic Falls with Intrepid Travel

    "Excellent experience. Even the most basic of campsites exceeded my expectations in terms of cleanliness and facilities. Guides (tour guide, driver and cook) all had excellent personalities and were always ready to offer help and assist when required. 10/10"  Read more
  • The Absolute Safari with Absolute Africa

    "Fantastic tour with lots of activities included. Very nice and helpful crew all the from Nairobi to Johannesburg. It´s definitely worth the money all the way through. Best recommends"  Read more
  • Okavango Experience with Intrepid Travel

    "Very happy with the tour, Jays information, sense of humour and assistance made everything run smoothly. Sandile the driver assisted in so many ways other than driving, and Lizzy and Nosipho made delicious meals every day. Thank you all for a great experience."  Read more

Budget safari tour operators

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