18th May. 2016 I went on this tour in March by myself and it was great! I dont usually travel alone but i did this time and it was amazing! the tour guide was great and super nice and helpful and i even lucked out with the group too. The hostel was your typical hostel... 12 girls in one room with one bathroom so i had to wake up earlier then usually so i would get the bathroom to myself... but thats a hostel! It really is more like 3 days with the tour.... the day you arrive and do the pub crawls, the second day it was a tour in Dublin (walking) but i decided to go see the cliffs of moher instead and it was AMAZING!!! and the 3rd day was the parade and you get to do whatever you want during the day (drinking was one of them) and at night it was another pub.... your choice if you would like to join or not, we had decided to go off on our own and ended up at a really fun bar! overall experience was great and i would do it again!