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Rajeev Trehan

I was delighted beyond expectation with this independant tour by Marvellus Travel in particular by Ms OLIVIA ALONZO who put it together and was in constant contact with me before and during the trip. In a rapid pace tour stretching over a large part of Mexico for a first-time visitor without Spanish proficiency I would give her 5 stars, without question-------prompt and reliable at all times. This tour took me on DAY 1 from Cancun( arrival airport) by road to Playa del Carmen along the coast( Maya Riviera) the evening of my arrival with a stay at Hostel Che. DAY 2 was an escorted part by van to the town center of Villadolid and then to the incredible Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza followed by a bus trip to the beautiful city of Merida and stay at the outstanding LA 59 managed superbly by Erica assisted by Beatrice. Having touched on the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan, DAY 3 was an excellent long bus trip to Palenque via Campeche along the coast to the gorgeous mountainous state of Chiapas having traversed the state of Tabasco. The bus was clean, comfortable, assigned window seat to see the landscape go by as no fligts could have done, toilet in the back, rest stops along the way with a stay at Casa Janaab, a nice hostel in Palenque. DAY 4 was an escoreted trip to the extensive Palenque ruins, predating Chichen Itza by centuries, in the thickly forested mountain region. We were then driven to the breathtakingly beautiful Misul Ha falls which are tall and then to the separate Agua Azul falls which are broad and voluminous, finishing with a memorable late lunch of delicious river fish! Then it was a bus ride thru gorgeous mountain terrain as the sun set, to the picture-postcard perfect town of San Cristobal nestled in a high valley, to stay at the rustic Rossco hostel. San Cristobal had a distinctly Chiapas native Mayan vibe as if it was not Mexico at all. DAY 5 was an escorted trip to the Canon(=canyon) Sumidero a kilometer deep gorge extending for several miles cut by the Grijalda River shown to us for a few hours by speedboat, lifejacket and all. DAY 6 was a much-needed free day to wander the streets, markets, churches and high points of walkable San Cristobal, a tourist magnet, before catching a night bus to the city of Oaxaca( pronounced Wah-ha-ka) in the state by the same name. DAY 7 I was able to see the magnificient Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman baroque church in Oaxaca, though an adjacent museum was closed, before catching the bus to Mexico City arriving that evening to CDMX, as Mexico City is now known, staying at the excellent centrally located high-quality Catedral Mundo Joven hostel right on the central Plaza. DAY 8 was an excellent escorted tour of the Place of 3 Cultures( modern Mexico City having been built over prior civilizations at the same spot), the Teotihuacan pyramids 50km away from the city including the third largest pyramid in the world, and ending in the city with the classical Basilica de Guadalupe and the huge modern rendering next to it. DAY 9 I had all of Centro Historico to see, the magnificient baroque Cathedral on the massive Zocalo Plaza, the National Palace, the Templo Mayor Aztec ruins, the streets radiating from the Plaza with buildings, churches, Bellas Artes art center, too many to cover in one day. That night I took a taxi to the relatively closeby Mexico City airport for a flight back to the USA. I am amazed by this great trip to Mexico, having seen so much in 9 days at ground level, virus restrictions and closures notwithstanding. I'm left wanting to see more, so many parts of this large country I did not have time to see and all the museums and buildings that were closed because of the pandemic. The only thing I might do different next time is learn basic conversational Spanish( although I got by with Google translate) and maybe request rooms to myself in the hostels/hotels rather than sharing. I HIGHLY commend Ms OLIVIA ALONZO of Marvellus Travel for putting this trip together in such detail with so many points of handover which worked perfectly, and for tracking my journey with care that made this independant tour so successful. I am indebted to her. I'd recommend many more USA/Canada folks to visit Mexico: it is closeby, similar timezones, has a lot to see. Thanks for the opportunity to submit a review and to those with the patience to have read it.

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24th December 2020
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