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mohamed's Reviews from travellers

Cairo City Break reviewer 1
17th May 2019
Only criticism was that the initial meeting time and place was not clear. But from that point I couldn’t fault anything, the ...
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Operator's comment: Dear David, Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you enjoyed your trip with us, and apologise for the confusion regarding the initial meeting time and place. We hope to travel with you again!

Cairo City Break reviewer 1
9th May 2019
- Hotels are of average cleanness and the general appearance is that they need maintenance or renovation. - Our guide did n...
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Operator's comment: Dear Kypros, Thank you for your feedback. A few follow-up comments are given below... Hotels: As one of our Shoestring level tours, the standard hotels used are 3-star rated and are certainly more basic than those used on our Small Group tours. That's intentional as this is a budget tour aimed to make a trip to Morocco as affordable as possible. We do offer optional upgrades to stay in higher level hotels for people wanting more comfort. Guide: I’m sorry to read that you felt the guide didn’t act appropriately at one point. This is the first we've heard of this incident, but we will definitely follow up on this if we can to see if it was a misunderstanding or more action is required. Shopping: On group tours it’s always difficult to get the right balance with shopping opportunities. Some people want to do a lot and really prefer higher level shops where the quality of products is guaranteed and we know that any issues post-sale can be successfully followed up. Others much prefer the browsing and haggling experience in the markets. So we try to accommodate both and include a few fixed places and leave free time particularly in the evenings in Marrakech and Fes for independent browsing and shopping. I'm sorry you felt this balance was not quite right on your tour. Royal Palaces: I'm sorry for any confusion here. There are two types of palaces in Morocco. Firstly, current palaces which are used and occupied by the Royal Family. These you cannot enter, but we find people find it is interesting to see them, the entrance gates, and peek at the gardens (Casablanca & Rabat). Then there are the old palaces, no longer used, such as the Bahia Palace in Marrakech which we do go in and get a guided tour. We're looking at re-wording our descriptions to ensure people have the correct expectations of these visits. Meals: We do list the meals included in our tour notes, and for those not included the guide will generally choose a restaurant which we know adheres to hygiene standards and where most dietary requirements can be met. Whilst smaller local restaurants can be great, we often can't use these for larger groups as they may not be able to cater for large groups or dietary requirements at short notice. Again this is a hard balance to get right which we're always working on. I hope that these notes are helpful. With the smaller group sizes, better hotels, and more opportunities for different local experiences that lower numbers allow, we'd encourage you to also check our Small Group tours for future trips.

Cairo City Break reviewer 1
4th January 2019
Trip of a lifetime. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and really helped our group connect and have fun. The trip packed i...
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Cairo City Break reviewer 1
21st November 2018
Everything was fantastic. Both of our guides, Big Mo in Egypt and Ibrahim Bunz in Jordan were amazing, their knowledge on eve...
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Cairo City Break reviewer 1
26th September 2018
Very enjoyable. We stayed at the standard hotels and were happy. They were old but clean. The last day was very long, driv...
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Cairo City Break reviewer 1
4th August 2018
mohammed,, and i assume it is the same mohammed i had was very good (and funny), which is a MUST hey; perhaps the sales push...
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Cairo City Break reviewer 1
11th June 2018
you get what you paid for
Cairo City Break reviewer 1
5th June 2018
The tour was a great overview of Morrocco. Would pick a non-mixed language tour tour next time, as we were the only 2 people...
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Operator's comment: Dear Don, Thank you for taking the time to get back to us with your tour feedback. I'm pleased to hear that you felt this was a great overview of Morocco. Thank you for the great star ratings, I'm pleased to see that you were happy with the accommodations and guiding provided. However, I'm sorry to learn that you weren't entirely happy with the multi-lingual concept used on this tour. We do explain this within our trip notes and in general we do find that it works pretty well and allows us to continue offering budget tours in Morocco. I think on your departure it was unfortunate and unlucky that you were the only 2 English speakers. This is certainly not normally the case as while there are often some French or Italian speakers in the group, the majority of these speak English too and its very rare that we only have one couple like yourselves speaking English on a particular date. So, I am sorry for any impact you had on your enjoyment of the trip. Thank you again for taking the time to get back to us with your feedback and for choosing to travel with us in Morocco.

Cairo City Break reviewer 1
26th May 2018
DO NOT pick this tour if a solo traveller who speaks only English. I was with 2 lovely French couples who spoke not much Engl...
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Cairo City Break reviewer 1
11th April 2018
I travelled to Egypt for the very first time in January 2018 and I was blown away by how efficiently the tour was run. Our ...
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