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  • Young - for travelers aged 18 - 29
  • Local - local leaders & experiences
  • Travel for good – support local projects

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  •  reviewer 1
    Taste of Galapagos
    4.0 - Good
    Written on November 27, 2017
    Good guide, good guy
  • EC
    Vintage Cuba
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on November 23, 2017
    We had Yenni as our guide, who was completely passionate, knew all the right places to go and gave amazing advice. Cuba was more than what I expected and would …
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  •  reviewer 3
    Buenos Aires to Rio Journey
    4.0 - Good
    Written on November 5, 2017
    This was a fantastic trip! Loved every minute of it, and got to see some beautiful new places. I especially loved Paraty.
  •  reviewer 4
    Essential Morocco
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on October 20, 2017
    This trip was brilliant! I had an amazing time and left feeling like I really got to experience Morocco. It was a good mix of cultural experiences, outdoor acti…
    Read more
  • MT
    Amazon Jungle Explorer
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on October 18, 2017
    Very nice guide who spoke good english. The accommodations were fine and clean. The activities were really nice, the only thing that bothered me a bit was that …
    Read more
  •  reviewer 6
    Essential Morocco
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on October 15, 2017
    The trip exceeded my expectations, especially in terms of the unique and beautiful accommodation. My tour guide was great fun and got the whole group involved. …
    Read more
  • KL
    Sri Lankan Adventure
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on October 2, 2017
    This was a great tour for a quick glance of Sri Lanka. The tour has is a little high paced, but it has a good balance of different activities, travel modes, and…
    Read more
  • N
    Vietnam Traveller
    3.0 - Average
    Written on September 27, 2017
    The sites were great, food was exceptional and the people I met were amazing. I just wish more was included, and less expensive, or free, 'optional' activities.…
    Read more
  • CH
    Journey to Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on September 19, 2017
    Amazing tour. Jordan was a highlight with an exceptional guide (Faisal) who made the trip fun while delivering the perfect amount of information to keep us all …
    Read more
    Geckos Adventures commented on this review
    Hi Charlotte, thank you for sharing your experience with us! It’s great to receive feedback like this from our passengers, and we always pass it along to our global team who will be very happy to hear it. We’re delighted that you had a great time in Jordan, Israel & the Palestinian Territories, and we hope to see you on another trip with us soon! Kind regards, Geckos
  • TV
    Essential Morocco
    4.0 - Good
    Written on September 16, 2017
    The trip was excellent. The accommodations were incredible from the get go and our guide Saaid was fantastic! Well informed and entertaining he really did an am…
    Read more
    Geckos Adventures commented on this review
    Hi Thomas, thanks for sharing your experience! It's wonderful to receive feedback like this from our passengers, and we always pass it along to our global team where it is very much appreciated. We’re delighted that you had a great time in Morocco with us, and we hope to see you on another trip soon. Kind regards, Geckos

About Geckos Adventures

Geckos has made group travel for young people accessible again - eating local food, traveling with like minded travelers aged 18-29, and getting true local experiences. Taking the local public transport, sleeping in family run accommodation, and seeing places that the mainstream tourists never even knew existed - all this plus plenty of free time along the way. By ensuring not to impact the local communities and places they visit, Geckos aims to give an insiders view, while using local guides to show the cultures and places.

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Run Wild - Llama

Geckos Adventures Benefits

Local Group Leaders

By travelling with Geckos, you will have access to local group leaders. This means they were born in and grew up in the places you will be visiting. Local, street level knowledge like this will help you get access to the best food in town, finding the unknown swimming holes, or the obscure modern art gallery that no one knows about. Your group leaders are there not just to be tour guides, by also your new friends and a part of the group. This means you will be able to find out more, eat more, and get a authentic experience, just be spending the time with them and asking them the questions!

Solo Travelers Welcome

By having such great guides, combined with the small groups, it means that travelling on your own is no problem - it is how most of the travelers in the group do it! Even if you are a solo traveler - Geckos will generally pair you up with a travel partner, so there is no extra cost to you. Even if you do want a room to yourself, that can normally be arranged for a small extra cost.

Authentic Local Experiences

By travelling in a small group, it means you get more authentic experiences - local transport, homestays, and small, out of the way places. While Geckos also will show you the main sights and attractions, by being part of a small group it means there is the opportunity to go places big groups can’t. When it comes to getting on and off buses, bikes, boats, trains, ferries, gondolas, eating hawker foods from back alleys, and going places without hurting the local environment, traveling in a small group definitely has its benefits.

Why Geckos Adventures

Ages 18-29

Geckos has trip options for just for 18-29 year olds. All Gecko’s trips are suitable for those who have a sense of adventure, an open mindset, and those are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Adventures along the way might include ordering off the local menu, jumping in a tuk-tuk or simply just making new friends, language barriers and all. Geckos is there to explore and for those wanting to travel - not for tourists.

Affordable Travel Experiences

By providing trips that are affordable, Geckos wants everyone to be able to see and experience new sights and cultures across the world. Geckos have already “been there done that”, and because you are travelling with a group, the cost is shared among the group, so you can get the most for your travel dollar.

Small Group Travel

By travelling with Geckos, you will be a part of a small group - getting to know the other travelers who will become lifelong friends, as opposed to a large group of strangers who happen to be in the same place at the same time. This is so important to what Geckos stands for, their symbol is Native American crossed arrows; a symbol of friendship.

Geckos Adventures Guides

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Questions & Answers

Here we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is the weather like on the tour destinations?

    The weather can vary from destination to destination and can fluctuate throughout the year. More information is available in the specific trip notes, so please get in touch to request a copy.

  • Are there any long travelling days on the tour?

    Many of the trips do feature some long travel days; often on local transport and sometimes on rough roads.

  • What vehicles are used on the tour?

    Geckos use a variety of local transport; this being a great way to mix it with the locals and get involved. In some places, the best way to explore is by foot, in others we’ll hop aboard boats, bemos, canoes, camels, tuk-tuks, songthaews.

  • Is it possible to add pre/post tour accommodation?

    Yes, pre and post tour accommodation can usually be added. Please get in touch with us so we can find out the availability and costs for you.

  • How to get to the starting point of the tour?

    As part of your pre-departure information, we will inform you of the starting and end points, as well as provide information on transfers if they are available. Please contact us for more information regarding transfers and starting / end points.

  • Does Geckos cater to travellers with special dietary needs?

    The tour leaders is able to translate local menus and suggest dishes. It is important to realise that in some places diet might end up slightly limited, as meat can form an integral part to many local cuisines. The tour leader needs to be informed for special dietary needs in advance, so they can make appropriate plans.

  • What type of food is offered on the tour?

    The local cuisine is a definite highlight of the tour. The local guides make sure travellers have the opportunity to visit local eateries and try some regional delicacies.

  • What is the accommodation standards on the tour?

    Lodgings are cheap but cheerful, cleanliness, comfort and centrality of location is always a priority. Geckos always try to select locally run accommodation options that reflect the character of the region. On occasion travellers might also find themselves spending a night in a homestay, tent, yurt, teahouse, hacienda, ryokan or other type of local lodging.

  • Is there extra time to explore the start/end cities on the tour?

    Geckos itineraries are designed to factor enough time to explore the destination cities but you can always book for an extra stay.

  • How much free time is available while on tour?

    Geckos add plenty of free time for independent exploration. Some components of the itinerary aren't negotiable but much of the time what you want to see and do is ultimately up to you.