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What to Expect on an Active Adventure

  • Two people stand up paddle boarding along the tropical Australian coastline

    An activity, or two, or three!

    Centered around the activities on tour, there's no shortage of fun, exhilarating experiences to be had! Whether you want to try your hand at surfing, weave through high mountain passes on a bike, or dive deep to discover a colorful underwater world - why choose one? An Active adventure has them all!

  • A woman facing away witha. frangipani in her hair relaxing in a hotel pool

    Good old rest n' relaxation

    After a day full of active adventures, there's nothing quite like soothing your muscles and taking a break. That's the beauty of an organized trip, everything's taken care of - from a hearty meal ready to fuel the day ahead to a luxury hotel spa calling your name. Yes, please!

  • A group of friends hiking to admire their view in Monument Valley, USA

    Share your adventure

    Beautiful things happen when we push ourselves and very few people can relate to that. Connect with those who love the outdoors just as much as you do on a group Active adventure. Recount stories over a beer at an Old English pub, or huddle together over a campfire waiting for the Northern Lights to make their grand appearance.

  • A group of friends having fun as they jump off a cliff into the ocean below

    Chase the thrill

    You can't quite describe an adrenaline rush until you've felt it - that overwhelming sense of pushing your limits, breaking down barriers, and just simply going for it! An Active tour guarantees endorphins and smiles, from shredding fresh-powdered slopes on a snowboard, to an action-packed multisport adventure!

Active snowboarding adventures in Canada

Come with us on an Active adventure!

Join us as we explore Alberta the way nature intended on an Active winter adventure! Home to the Rocky Mountains, Canada is an outdoor adventure playground and a winter sports haven for anyone - from beginners to black-diamond experts! Feel the rush of the wind on a ski excursion, or take things a little more slowly and enjoy a leisurely skate on one of the icy lakes Alberta is so famous for.

Experience a slice of history with a dog-sled ride, race through the powder on a snowmobile, or take things at your own pace by hiking through the stunning national parks, there's so much to see on an Active adventure. Pair your trip with a USA adventure to fully embrace the many active experiences to be had in North America!
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Active Adventures Around the World

Best Active Experiences

With many active experiences all over the world, it's hard to narrow down where to go and what to do. Our Travel Experts have hand-picked the top active experiences you must add to your itinerary - there's no better way to not only see the world, but to truly experience everything it has to offer!

  • A man reaching out as if to touch the glowing Icelandic Northern Lights

    Chase the Northern Lights

  • Two hot air balloons floating over the animals of the Great Migration on safari

    Set off on a hot air balloon safari

  • A man floating on a bamboo raft on emerald green waters

    Trade the whitewater for a bamboo raft

  • Two snorkellers swimming over coral in the Great Barrier Reef

    Dive and discover colorful corals

  • A woman gazing up through the colourful sunlit cracks of Antelope Canyon, USA

    Explore canyons of the United States

  • A man bungee jumping next to the thunderous waters of Victoria Falls, Africa

    Bungee jump over Victoria Falls

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Your Active Adventure Questions, Answered

  • How do I know an Active adventure is right for me?

    If your favorite thing about traveling is exploring new and exciting destinations where every day is different, and doing activities where you truly experience what your part of the world has to offer, then an Active adventure is for you. 
  • Are the activities included?

    An Active adventure is centered around the activities on tour, so most of the time, they are included in the total cost. Many operators also offer optional activities designed for those who like to step it up a notch and seize the day! For a full list of optional activities on your adventure please reach out to our Travel Experts, we are here 24/7.
  • Do I need to train for an Active adventure?

    Not if you don't want to! The best thing about booking your Active adventure on TourRadar is that you can decide your own difficulty - from relaxing walks to heart-pumping challenges! Simply filter down your Active adventure until you find one that ticks all of your boxes, if you're still not sure then reach out to us, we'd be happy to help!
  • What's the difference between an Active and Explorer adventure?

    We've curated Adventure Styles to suit everyone's taste, so if you love a bit of everything, then an Explorer tour is for you - think of a Peru trip that stays with Andean hill tribes, but also visits Machu Picchu, and ends with a beach escape at the Galapagos Islands. Active adventures are essentially the same as Explorer tours but they tend to have more physical activities involved too, so you might also go ziplining in the jungle and cool off with a dive or snorkel.
  • Can I combine Adventure Styles?

    Yes absolutely! An adventure is what you make of it, so why not add on wine-tasting in France, an island-hopping escape to the Greek Islands, or a wild safari ride in Kenya.
  • How do I book an Active adventure on TourRadar?

    Find your next Active adventure by searching through our tours until you find one that stands out. Simply choose your dates and fill out your details to secure your trip. If you have any questions along the way, our Travel Experts are standing by 24/7!

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