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About Engaging Cultures Travel

Engaging Cultures Travel is a socially conscious tour operator with a passion to connect foreigners and locals. We exist to bring people of different cultures together by creating authentic travel experiences in North Africa and the Middle East in order to enrich people’s lives, relationships and cultures, all while experiencing some of the world's most amazing sites. When you choose to travel with us, we arrange home stays, cooking classes, and touring together with locals. These meaningful interactions, combined with exploring breathtaking sites and tasting exotic dishes, bring travelers the greatest reward from their adventure. Engaging Cultures has American representatives on site in the countries where we operate that help craft these experiences. They are ready to give you up-to-the-minute information about your destination and tour. What do we value? "No Nescafe" - We are committed to creativity, authenticity and excellency; not mass-produced. "Walk in their shoes" - We are committed to compassionately identifying with others; bringing dignity and honor to people and their cultures; not passing judgment. "Lights On" - We are committed to seeking deeper understanding and helping others come to new realizations and perspectives. "Sustainability" (aka "Don’t mess it up, make it better") - We are committed to preserving the cultural and natural resources of host communities and empowering people to have opportunities that improve their lives.

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