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About Dragoman

Dragoman offers holidays that are authentic in nature, aiming to get off the beaten track to really understand the places they travel to. Sometimes it can be spending time with the locals, going places others don’t, and just trying to have an authentic, local experience with an open mind. The company is based in the east of England, in rural Suffolk, and is proud to be independantly owned. Dragoman has grown to be a market leader in overland travel, and have come quite a way since their first tour back in 1981. While growing in size over time, they aim to still be small enough to ensure each Dragoman traveler has an incredible life changing adventure.

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Dragoman Benefits

Great Itineraries

Dragoman offers great itineraries, after having taken extra effort to design the trips to offer freedom, flexibility, and the option to take your own time to explore. This gives you the ability to really create your own experience, with all the benefits of a group tour.

Years Of Experience

Having used their years of experience to hone their itineraries, they make sure to include the best of the destination, while not rushing their travelers. While spending more time in each of the places, it means you benefit by not just ticking off the main sights, but by also being able to gain an in-depth understanding of the local area.

Why Dragoman

Off The Beaten Track

Dragoman ensures that you well and truly get off the beaten track. As their trips cover entire continents in Asia, Africa and the Americas, going places that others just can’t get to. A few examples of less known places they visit include the spectacular Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan, a trip to a remote Ethiopian village to meet the Hamar or Mursi tribes, crossing the Bolivian altiplano while going past the Lagunas Colorado and Verde or in Burma taking a trip to a school run by Monks.

Local Experiences

While going on these adventures, Dragoman ensures that you will really be getting involved with the local communities. They are committed to the idea of “giving back” to the places and people in the areas they visit, while making sure the itineraries have room for travelers to interact with local customs and cultures. These grass roots projects are an important part of the tours that Dragoman runs, and the experience they offer their travelers.

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Dragoman Story & History

Dragoman ran their first overland tour in 1981, which gives them over experience of more than 30 years as one of the longest running adventure companies out there. At the core of what Dragoman has done since they started, is offer award winning, adventurous, and captivating experiences. Since the beginning, they have constantly perfected their itineraries, ensuring they are both unique and comprehensive.

Since they first started back in 1981 with their first tour, they have continued to grow and now show more than 2500 travelers each year incredible parts of the world. These days they visit 55 different countries throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Questions & Answers

Here we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions.

  • What things do I need to bring with me?

    The clothes and equipment to bring should be appropriate for the conditions you’ll be travelling in, which will vary depending on which part of the world you're heading to, and when.
    It is recommended to bring the following:
    Sleeping bag, mattress or compressed foam, 2 sets of comfortable travelling clothes (light, easily washable cotton clothes are best), 1 set of casual but smart clothes for evenings out.
    Women should bring a skirt that covers their knees and a scarf for visiting places of worship, 2 pairs of shorts, sun hat or warm hat if trekking, 1 pair of sunglasses, warm sweater/fleeces, 1 waterproof jacket with hood, 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes/boots (or ankle height canvas jungle boots), 1 pair of sandals or flip-flops, underwear and socks (thermals are also a good idea if you are travelling to altitude or to the desert as it can get very cold at night), swimwear, 2 small towels, washing kit, including a small mirror, clothes washing detergent, small scrubbing brush & washing line (just a length of cord), head torch/flashlight with spare batteries & bulbs (only the 3 standard sizes of round 1.5v batteries are widely available en route), passport photos (average of 2 per country for which visas will be applied for en route), good water bottle at least 1 litre, a pouch or money belt worn inside your clothing, or unobtrusive pocket sewn into the inside of a pair of loose fitting trousers, is a must, alarm clock, pocket calculator (useful when exchanging money), writing materials & notebook/diary, multi purpose knife, cotton sheet sleeping bag (or sheet folded and sewn up on 2 sides).
    It will help keep your sleeping bag clean, and can be used on its own on warm nights, mosquito net, "Wet Ones" (moistened tissues), hand gel, toilet paper, assorted sized plastic bags - protects clothing and equipment from dust and dampness.

  • Is it possible for travellers below 18 years old to travel alone?

    For you to travel on your own you have to be 18 years old on the day you start to travel.

  • How much money should I bring?

    Spending money varies on each traveller. However the recommended per day is around 10 – 15 USD. ATM’s are available in most countries en-route. Travellers Cheques are one way to get money but not all banks exchange them and when they do it is often not at a particularly good exchange rate.

  • Do I have to share the accomodations on the tour?

    Yes, Dragoman trips are run on a shared accommodation basis, from the first night at your joining hotel, to the nights under canvas camping you will be sharing with another traveller. If you are a solo traveller you will be paired with a person of the same sex.

  • What are the available charging facilities on tour?

    There will normally be charging facilities at most official campsites and hotels. Dragoman trucks vary and some will have charging facilities for the group to use, worse case scenario there is a 12v cigarette lighter on the truck which will usually be available to you. A “solar monkey” type charger is also recommended.

  • How about travellers with special dietary requirements?

    Upon booking, you will need to inform us of your dietary requirements and any allergies so we can pass this information onto Dragoman. If you have a specific allergy or intolerance and are concerned that suitable foodstuffs may not be available en-route please bring these along with you. There will generally always be a vegetarian option available.

  • What is the recommended luggage for the tour?

    Dragoman recommends the use of a backpack or soft bag rather than a heavy suitcase. During your trip the main luggage will be kept in the back locker so a small daypack is needed. This can be used to carry cameras, water bottle and other personal effects for daily use. Dragoman also recommends that your bag be no larger than 66cm deep, 30cm wide, and 30cm high. The weight limit for luggage on all trucks is maximum 20kg. Backpacks should not have an external frame unless it can be easily removed and stored separately to avoid damaging other people's luggage. Clothes and equipment should be appropriate for the conditions you are travelling in.

  • Is there a "free time" while on tour?

    Yes, Dragoman trips allows free time to travellers. Trips can at times be intense and action packed but there is a balance to give you time to wander the streets of a city, enjoy stunning remote beaches or simply take in the natural surrounds and beautiful scenery.

  • Is travel insurance needed on the tour?

    It is a condition of booking that you have comprehensive travel insurance. Without evidence of valid travel insurance you will not be allowed to start the trip. Please contact us for more information or visit this page for a free quote with our insurance partners, World Nomads.

  • What visas are needed for a Dragoman tour?

    The visa requirements for your trip vary depending on where you are from and where you are going. Please contact us, we are happy to assist you in booking your Dragoman tour and provide you with visa information.