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India Tours and Trips 2018/2019

India Tours and Trips 2018/2019

A tour of India will open your mind, bring strength to your body and soften your soul. While in India, don’t miss the astounding Taj Mahal, let the sacred waters of the Ganges caress your body and soul and visit the Golden TriangleLeh & Ladakh and the southern part of the country. And of course don't forget to taste the amazing Indian food!

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  • Ride a camel deep into the Rajasthan desert and camp under the stars.
  • Travel to the yoga mecca of Rishikesh to align your chakras.
  • Climb to the top of the India’s largest mosque for a stunning view of Delhi’s rooftops.
  • Surrender yourself to the love story of the Taj Mahal. Unforgettable.
  • Smear each other’s faces with coloured powder, party in the streets and dance under sprinklers at the Festival of Colours.
  • Relax at the Ananda Spa, considered by many to be one of the world’s best.
  • Watch tigers in their natural habitat at the Ranthambore National Park.
  • Visit a tea plantation in Darjeeling , a scenic hill resort town, while enjoying a majestic view of Mount Kanchenjunga – the 3rd
    highest mountain in the world.


  • The currency in India is called the Indian Rupee. Credit cards might not always be accepted.
  • There are 22 official languages in India. English is commonly used and understood throughout.
  • Always drink bottled water. Be careful of spicy foods, especially if you’re not used to it.
  • Dress modestly. Shorts and short skirts are offensive to many.Be prepared for very cold winters and veryhot summers.
  • Tipping is very common in India. Keep small bills on hand.
  • Don’t leave India without a set of gold bangles, spices and Darjeeling tea.
  • Kissing and embracing are regarded in India as part of sex: do not do them in public. It’s not even a good idea for couples to hold hands.
  • India produces a staggering 4,700 daily papers!

India Tours and Trips Reviews

  • "This wonderful tour was a great introduction to India, especially for a solo traveller. Thr tour guide did an incredible job. Although the accommodations were average to below average because some issuess were with wifi and hot showers, there was definitely room for a higher level of accomodation. A more authentic Indian tasting experience is recommended. Overall the trip was good especially for first time travellers in India and I have made memories to last a lifetime."
    North India Social Club
  • "The India experience was amazing and excellent in all levels. Some of the sceneries were breathtaking like the Taj Mahal, sunrise/sunset trip to Ganges, the flower ceremony, the Orcha Palace, Kama Sutra Temples and Amber Fort. The food and people were also great."
    North India Highlights
  • "I had a splendid time in India. Some of the highlights of the trip were the accommodation and transportation were modern and comfortable, I adore the food and the culture, the tour guide was amazing and most of all the views were breathtaking especially the Taj Mahal."
    Classic Rajasthan