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Ghana Tours & Trips

Ghana is a country of both natural and cultural diversity. Tour Kakum National Park, one of West Africa’s surviving tropical rainforests, or visit Kumasi, the seat of the Ashanti empire whose craft markets are unique in the world. For a taste of history, visit Elmina Castle or the Cape Coast Castle.

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  • Ghana follows the West African handshake so practice it at home before you visit the country. Experience the thrill of canopy walking and enjoy natural wonders in the dense environs of the Kakum National Park.
  • Delve into the rich history of the Ashanti Kingdom at the fabulous Manhyia Palace in Kumasi.
  • Go on an eco-tour of hot steamy jungles past beautiful waterfalls and come face to face with exotic hartebeests, elephants and hippos at the Mole National Park.
  • Relax or go for a rejuvenating swim in the Atlantic Ocean at the beach resort towns of Busua and Kokrobite.
  • Meet a traditional Ashanti chief and participate in a unique naming ceremony accompanied by the beats of traditional rhythmic drumming and dancing.
  • Learn how to make famous kente cloth and collect palm oil in an Ahwiaa crafts village.
  • Enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery while on a cruise on splendid Lake Volta.


  • While greeting a chief- stop, bow and wait for him to give you a signal to shake hands.
  • Offer a small gift, like a bottle of schnapps when you visit the chief.
  • For a bit of adventure, try the traditional spread that’s available in popular chop bars.
  • Be careful while using credit cards as there have been cases of credit card fraud.
  • Always use your right hand when you give money and also receive your purchase with the same hand.
  • Kente cloth and artifacts such as wooden stools, brass weights, earthen ware pots, colorful baskets and leatherwork are popular souvenirs.
  • Pack light, reusable casual cotton clothes since the climate in Ghana is tropical and warm throughout the year.
  • Ghana follows the West African handshake so practice it at home before you visit the country.

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