Europe Tours & Trips 2019/2020

Europe Tours & Trips 2019/2020

Take a Europe tour (starting from the major European cities like London and Rome) and enjoy history, adventure and food. Sunny Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), romantic Italy (Florence and Venice), charming France (Paris) authentic Eastern European atmospheres (Prague and Vienna) and the Nordic Scandinavia are waiting for you.

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  • Experiencing history first hand, as you explore the Colloseum and Roman Forum in Rome, Italy.
  • Getting the sand between your toes in Spain, before enjoying an evening of tapas, sangria and partying.
  • Being amazed by the tranquility of the landscape and the beauty of the Northern Lights in the skies of Iceland.
  • Swimming in the crystal blue waters off the Greek and Croatian Islands, with equally stunning nightlife to match.
  • Tempting your tastebuds with Italian pizza and pasta and French wines and cheese.
  • Joining in the festivities and drinking a stein of beer at Oktoberfest in Germany, the worlds biggest festival.


  • A coach tour across the continent is a great way to see all the major sights and cross off the bucket lists.
  • For those wanting a more laid back approach to the Croatian coastline, a sailing trip along the coast an islands is a must.
  • When traveling across Europe, don't be too concerned with language barriers - there is almost always someone around to help translate to English.
  • Make sure to pack appropriate clothing for the time of year you're going - summers are hot, and winters are often snowy!
  • There can be quite a cost difference in various parts of Europe - Scandinavian countries will be more expensive, while Eastern European will generally be more affordable.
  • Traveling throughout Europe is far easier these days when crossing borders and with most countries using the Euro.

Europe Tours and Trips Reviews

  • "Two girls who were really nervous to travel to Europe, did not have a big budget but were passionate about visiting certain cities. The transport system in Europe is good, the distance from city centre was not an issue as trains came frequently and the hotels were 5-10 away from the stations. We chose the vegetarian option although we were informed that we may not always get strictly Vegetarian food. Some days we left as early as 6.30 am. Most cities didn't feel as rushed as we expected; though it would be nice to have a whole day in Florence and Venice. The tour driver and leaders are very friendly and knowledgeable and help you out if you ask for tips and directions. Overall, the tour is a great experience and covers all the main landmarks of the Europe."
    Europe Escape - 12 Days
  • "I spent a month long honeymoon with Gayle and Dean from Expat last summer. The entire 22 day excursion throughout Europe was non stop and action packed. Gayle did an amazing job and it was an unforgettable experience. She was knowledgeable, passionate for her work, friendly, and truly the backbone of the entire trip. I strongly recommend this tour and will surely do another one."
    Best of Europe - 22 Days
  • "During our trip in Europe, Judith was our tour manager. The tour always ran smoothly, weather it be in party mode, down-time, or pulling us into line. She has a bright and energetic personality, shown only in a way that having a job she absolutely loves can bring out. Her communication skills were second to none, only matched by her co-ordination and management skills. She was always very informative, fun and professional during the tour. I had the absolute best time of my life, with the best people. It was truly a privilege to share the experience with her."
    European Experience (20 Days)