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Croatia Tours & Trips 2023/2024

Heavenly sailing waters, evocative cities, exceptional food and wine - there's not much not to love about Croatia's Adriatic paradise. Head to the ancient centre of Split for an island-hopping adventure, try the local myrtle rakija on Hvar, stroll down the chestnut-lined promenade of Zagreb, or cycle along the many sun-drenched beaches of the Dalmatian Coast. Add on an adventure to Slovenia for a vacation full of natural beauty, colourful towns and friendly locals.

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  • Split: Explore the Palace of Diocletian, inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Dubrovnik: Party all night long in the city of Game of Thrones.
  • Islands: Swim in the Adriatic sea and enjoy Croatia islands' nightlife.
  • Parks: Enjoy the many Croatian parks together with your family.
  • Beach: Swim in the Adriatic sea and discover the many hidden beaches of the Croatian islands.
  • Cruising: Island hop in some of the most charming Mediterranean Sea islands.
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park: This is the Croatian premier national park.
  • Hvar: Where big shiny boats meet grand historic architecture. Grab a drink in this island!
  • Zadar: This is the oldest continuosly inhabited city in Croatia. Take a tour of it!.
  • Korcula: Visit the Old Town of Korcula, Marco Polo's historic home.


  • If you're a history geek, head to the town of Pula in the Istria peninsula to see well-preserved Roman ruins.
  • Book an early morning diving expedition to see the blue glow that surrounds the Bisevo underwater cave in the Central Dalmatia coastal region.
  • If you’re looking for privacy, head to Zadar which lies along the North Dalmatia coast.
  • For a bit of adventure, try bungee jumping off the Maslenica Bridge which is 56 metres high or join a donkey race on Dugi Otok.
  • Feast on white truffles, fresh sea food cuisine such as black risotto (cuttle fish cooked in its own juices) and ‘brodet’ (fish stew).
  • Try local varieties of wine such as Dingac (a red wine) and Malvazija (an Istria white wine).
  • Shop for intricate lace, embroidery, glass jewellery, lavender bags, olive oils and truffle products.
  • Pack appropriate party-wear as there are plenty of nightlife options in Zagreb, Hvar and Dubrovnik.

Croatia Tour Reviews 2023/2024

  • "This Europe trip far exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide (Elise) was awesome as she kept everyone's high spirits and encouraged us to enjoy what Europe has to offer. I am grateful to have shared this wonderful experience with her."
    Get Social: Mega European 2022
  • "We visited some of the most amazing sights on the tour but what made it totally memorable was our tour guide (Elise). She was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun to be with and made sure we are well taken cared of. Thank you Elise for the wonderful experience!"
    Get Social: Mega European 2022
  • "The best holiday we had as a family was when we joined the Pure Adventure's Croatia Dalmatian Coast Multisport trip. What made the trip a success was our tour guide (Irena) as she was very knowledgeable and made sure we were safe. The trip was a great combination of sightseeing and physical activities. The hiking, kayaking and biking are suitable for moderately fit people and we didn't find any of them overly challenging. The choice of biking routes was very good as it took us away from some of the very busy and narrow roads. The scenery along the coast and through orchards were beautiful. The visit to Dubrovnik was also fantastic. We highly recommend this tour as it was a memorable and wonderful experience."
    DROPPED Croatia – Dalmatian Coast 6 Nights Multisport