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African Insight (ex. Livingstone) 2018/19

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Stay in easy-to-assemble, two-person dome tents.
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Sleep in a comfortable bed in a range of safari cabins, tented camps and hostels.

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  • Bernardette, 59 years old15th September 2018
    Tour radar respond with minutes of you making any question. They are very friendly and know their job well and booking with them was easy and efficient. I felt very comfortable booking for all my family. Yes I have already recommended them to other relatives and friends .

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My trip
  • African Insight (ex. Livingstone) 2018/19 7 days
  • Starts in Livingstone, Zambia Wednesday, 5 December 2018
  • Ends in Johannesburg, South Africa Tuesday, 11 December 2018
  • What's included Accommodation, Guide, Meals, Transport
  • Price per traveller
  • Brochure price
  • Adventure Pass
  • Credit card fees
  • $1,220.00
  • Number of travellers
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