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Rome to Budapest Explorer

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Sunday, 5 Apr 2020
to Monday, 27 Apr 2020
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  • Budapest History Walking Tour - Day 22
    Unravel the secrets of Budapest on a 3-hour walking tour of the city's medieval and Jewish districts. Your guide will meet you and then take you to visit Great Market Hall, the city's largest food market, before making your way through winding streets to see remnants of Budapest's 15th-century fortress walls. Immerse yourself in the pre-Ottoman worlds of Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River, and learn about events of historical significance along the way. Stop for a coffee break, then continue onto the city's Jewish district and visit the Dohany Street Synagogue to learn about the history of Hungarian Jews. Today, this area is known for its "ruin bars" and is a lively center of nightlife.
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  • Bled Wine Tasting Experience - Day 16
    Home to the oldest vine in the world, Slovenia considers wine to be an important part of their country’s culture; even the name of their national anthem translates to ‘a toast’. Boasting an impressive seven native wine varieties and over 50 types of vines, Slovenia produces millions of liters of wine annually, some of which are produced at Lake Bled. Learn more and try some for yourself at the Bled Wine Tasting Experience. Unique in its structure, the experience combines games and challenges with traditional wine tasting and is perfect for experts and novices alike.
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  • Rome Vintage Vespa Tour - Day 2
    When in Rome... live "la dolce vita" and hop onto a Vespa! Make your way around the city (like the locals do) on a vintage Vespa scooter. Visit Rome's must-see landmarks with a local guide, who will also be your Vespa driver, on this 3-4 hour afternoon excursion. Opt to add a photography package to your Vespa tour, so you can relax, immerse yourself in this ancient city, and still have all those unforgettable snaps from your classic Roman holiday.
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