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Portugal & Its Islands featuring the Estoril Coast, Azores & Madeira Islands (2018)

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Saturday, 27 Apr 2019
to Wednesday, 8 May 2019
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  • Sete Cidades Kayaking & Hike tour
    Set out on an adventure to get to know one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal — Sete Cidades Lake. This caldera has two lakes that touch and uniquely, one appears to be green and the other blue. According to legend, they were formed from “the tears of a shepherd and a princess who shared a forbidden love.” See the beauty and feel the tranquility of the lake on a kayaking excursion followed by a hike through the surrounding area. This pristine landscape formed by what was once a volcano is truly a magical place, and the perfect place to unwind and get close to nature. Duration approximately 3 hour(s). Transportation is included. A minimum of 4 passenger(s) is required to operate this option. Option will operate weather permitting. Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes, a sweater, raincoat, bathing suit, towel, change of clothes, hat, sunblock, backpack and water. This excursion includes a nature guide, sit-on-top kayak, life jacket, paddle, dressing rooms with hot water showers, pickup and drop off at your hotel.
    per traveller
  • Whale-Dolphin Watching
    Welcome to a unique experience in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! The isolated archipelago of the Azores has a reputation as one of the best whale watching destinations in the world. The islands are a permanent or temporary home to more than a quarter of all known cetacean species. In addition to the sperm whale, other migrating species include baleen whales, blue whales (especially during early spring to late summer), pilot whales and even killer whales. The Azores are also ideal for spotting many different dolphin species, including resident dolphins such as the short beaked common dolphin, the common bottlenose dolphin and Risso’s dolphin, as well as yearly summer guests like the Atlantic spotted dolphin and the striped dolphin. Your amazing journey begins with a briefing where your naturalist guide explains the historical background of the whale hunting industry and its modern conversion to whale watching. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of the islands. Duration approximately 3 hour(s). Transportation is included. A minimum of 10 passenger(s) is required to operate this option. Option will operate weather permitting. Depending upon the number of passengers booked, this option will operate utilizing a Catamaran or Zodiacs.
    per traveller
  • Dinner at Cozinha Velha Restaurant (The Old Kitchen), Queluz Palace
    Queluz National Palace is one of Portugal\'s most sumptuous palaces. Built in 1747, the palace was long used as the summer residence for royals and is the country\'s finest example of Rococo architecture. Nowadays, this palace is used by the Portuguese State as a residence for government and state chiefs that visit Portugal. Located in one of the palace’s wings is Cozinha Velha Restaurant; once the kitchen of the palace, it still has the charm of yesteryear. Cozinha Velha is an endearing place, built in grand style with the original rectangular layout and structures. Today, it is considered one of Portugal’s finest restaurants with a colorful dining room favored by those seeking a gourmet dinner in a romantic setting. The dining room is like a small chapel, with high stone arches, a free-standing fireplace, marble columns and a 20-ft marble table laden with baskets of fruit and vases of flowers. Enjoy a delightful 3 course dinner prepared according to the most genuine recipes of Portuguese traditional cuisine, complete with wine, coffee or tea and mineral water. Duration approximately 3 hour(s). Transportation is included. A minimum of 20 passenger(s) is required to operate this option.
    per traveller
  • Swimming with Dolphins
    Dive into the world of the dolphins when joining these friendly, playful and intelligent mammals in their natural habitat. Board a small boat, and begin by learning from an expert how to respect and harmoniously swim with the dolphins. Then, you’ll enter the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean donning your mask, snorkel and wetsuit and be transported into another world. You’ll immediately be drawn in by their unique personalities and be overcome in the excitement and wonder this experience provides. This personal adventure will be in small groups and will use zodiac (RIB) boats with a maximum of 8 participants aboard. Only two people are allowed in the water at the same time. Duration approximately 3 hour(s). Transportation is included. A minimum of 4 passenger(s) is required to operate this option. Option will operate weather permitting. It is recommended that you bring comfortable clothes and shoes, bathing suit, towel, wind jacket, hat, sunblock and water. Restrictions may apply for pregnant women and guests with lower back problems. Participants must feel comfortable swimming in the open sea and know how to properly use the mask and snorkel. Children over 8 years old are allowed to participate as long as they meet these requirements. This excursion includes: Pre-tour briefing, mask and snorkel, shorty wetsuit, raincoat and pants, life jacket, marine biologist or nature guide aboard and refreshment after the trip.
    per traveller

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