We love getting guest post articles that are about peoples travel stories, personal travel recommendations, food posts (yum!) and even travel photography. Please read this entire page before you contact us about collaborating for a guest post.

If you would like to partner with us for a guest post, we will ask that you address each of these points in your initial contact:

  • Our readers are smart! So they appreciate well written, articulate content which they can enjoy and share with their friends. Please outline the content which you are proposing, as well as the sources you will be citing for stats, facts and data.
  • Travelers are visual people. This means that you will need to include some photos which you have the rights to, or if writing about a travel related subject which does not lend itself to photography (travel budgets, packing advice etc) then some custom design imagery from your graphic designer will be required.
  • Our readers enjoy group tours, and so should you! This means that unless your topic related to group tours somehow, it will not really fit in here or get a good response from our readers.
  • We like to hear about real experiences . If you are a traveler, tour guide, backpacker, tour operator etc – we’d love to hear from you, as we love to share real travelers experiences! If you are working for a marketing agency / SEO agency etc looking to promote your company or your client, the content will need to be of an exceptional standard – 1500+ words, backed up by data and research, custom designed imagery etc. An example of the quality and length we would expect would be the Ultimate Travel Guide.
  • We want to know who we are working with. Please email us from your own email address (unless you are just starting out, you won’t still be using a gmail or hotmail account), and also let us know which websites you will be linking to from within the article.

Update: We are currently not accepting guest posts.