What is the TourRadar Travellers' Choice status?

What is TourRadar’s Travellers’ Choice Status?

TourRadar’s Travellers’ Choice status recognizes outstanding tour operators for providing exceptional service and experience for travellers. The award is based upon a tour operator’s overall performance and customer feedback across all tours.

Travellers’ Choice recognises tour operators with high star ratings, excellent reviews, high NPS score, quality of reviews on site, engagement with TourRadar tools and overall customer feedback and experience. As awards are largely based on customer reviews, it’s essential that you encourage your guests to leave a review on the TourRadar platform in order to put yourself in the running for these prestigious acknowledgments.

The status and qualification requirements for Travellers’ Choice badges are as follows:

Travellers’ Choice – Platinum 16

  • Consistent ratings above 4.5 stars and reviews present on majority of tours listed

Travellers’ Choice – Gold 16

  • An average of all tour ratings 4 stars and above, and reviews on over 20% of tours listed on site

Travellers’ Choice – Festival 16

  • Operator has received overall highest and most consistent feedback for a specific festival

Trusted Partner

  • Minimum number of reviews met and operator approved through TourRadar application process

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