The Ultimate Travel Guide

So you’re going traveling for the first time….

Traveling, backpacking, visiting abroad, and going on tour for the first time is a crazy concept and experience – it can be daunting and exciting all at the same time.

Here at TourRadar, we understand the excitement, fear, happiness, curiosity and pure joy that travel can inspire. To help those who have little or no experience overseas or traveling abroad, we have put together this guide.


Why did we write this guide?

There is an infinite amount of travel information, advice, tips and tricks, and must do lists out there for those making their first trip overseas – but no where that it is all in one place. We have taken all the information, tips and hints, and have boiled it down to these pages, to what is the most essential information that will have the biggest positive impact on your first adventure abroad.

Who is this guide for?

We wrote this guide for an audience of travellers with little or no experience travelling abroad. It is helpful for people travelling domestically and internationally – and we focus on cultural differences, language barriers and border crossing as some of the issues that you will face when travelling for the first time overseas. Don’t get us wrong – we know this is guide is big, so set aside some time to get through it.

How much of this guide should I read?

We would suggest reading the whole thing! In our TourRadar offices, we have decades of on the road experience, and so we have collated all the ideas and concepts that will make your time on the road as enjoyable, stress free, and prepared as possible. Collectively the TourRadar staff have traveled to every continent on earth, have worked as tour guides, tour managers, hostel staff, been on cruises, flown on private jets, and lived out of a bag – and we have combined all of these experiences into this essential guide.


Chapters of this Guide:

Pre Departure Essentials

Pre Departure Preparations

Pre Departure Practicalities

Departure time!

While Traveling On The Road

Travel Mindset and Advice