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TourRadar Most Amazing Tour Awards Update

TourRadar Most Amazing Tour Week 1 Update

As of December 9th, just 7 short days after launching our “Most Amazing Tour” campaign, travellers had left over 300 new reviews on TourRadar, rating their tour experiences at an average of 4.8 stars out of 5. Reviews from travellers themselves will play the deciding role in naming the world’s Most Amazing Tour 2013.

TourRadar launched the MAT awards to bring positive attention to tour operators who are doing such a great job that their customers can’t help but rave about them. The only reviews-based award in the group tour industry will be given to the one tour worldwide that receives the best customer feedback of 2013. Besides one overall winner, there will also be one winning tour per continent.

Have you been on a group tour? If so, chances are your tour operator is in the running for having the world’s Most Amazing Tour 2013! Visit to leave a review that might help your tour operator win, and will help future travellers make better buying decisions!


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