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Tour Belize Through the Eyes of Guest Blogger Amanda Williams (VIDEO)

From lush jungle, to long sandy beaches to a bustling city center, Belize has it all. Guest blogger Amanda Williams from A Dangerous Business has been there, done that, and wants to share her Central American adventure with you.

Amanda went on the Land of Belize tour with Intrepid Travel, and documented her journey with a videocamera. TourRadar got an exclusive interview with Amanda, in which she offered some great tips to anyone looking to tour Belize (or anywhere else!) in the near future:

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TR: What was your favorite part of the Belize trip?

AW: Definitely the time we spent on Caye Caulker. It was so relaxing and refreshing to be by the water. Also, the day-long sailing/snorkeling trip I did was amazing and will be hard to beat!

TR: Would you have been able to do this if you weren’t part of a group tour?

AW: I would have, yes, but it would have taken a lot more time to coordinate all the details. Belize is actually a great Central American country for travelers, simply because there IS tourism infrastructure, and English is the official language. Could I have done Belize on my own? Definitely. But a tour like this one helped me fully enjoy the experience without having to stress about the details.

TR: What are your most important recommendations to curious travelers out there trying to make decisions on how to spend their vacation time/money?

AW: I would tell them to first figure out what kind of vacation they want – do they want to relax by the beach? trek in the jungle? learn about a new culture? Then they need to figure out how far out of their comfort zone they want to go, as well as how far away they want to travel to do it. Lastly, the style of travel is important to consider. Do they want to plan it all themselves or have someone else handle all the details? I usually recommend small group tours like the Intrepid Belize tour I did simply because you get a little bit of everything (culture, adventure, flexibility), just with someone else worrying about the little details.

To check out more of what Amanda has to share about her trip to Central America, visit her blog post Highlights of Belize and Guatemala.

And here is Amanda’s video, documenting her time on the Land of Belize tour with Intrepid Travel:

If you’re not sure where you want to go for your upcoming vacation, you can visit the TourRadar website and shop around for the tour and/or destination that would be perfect for you.


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