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What kinds of tours do Turtle Rabbit Travel specialise in?

We’re offering USA road trips by RV for the backpacking crowd. RVs are amazing, versatile vehicles that have tons of room, sleep 7 people, and even have a bathroom and kitchen on board. Our friendly driver-guides help make sure you have an amazing time without having to worry about driving.


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What kind of training do Turtle Rabbit Travel guides have?

All our guides are of course licensed drivers, but they’re also travel experts who know how to make your trip perfect. They know the perfect places to pull over for a campfire, where you can watch a Wild West Cowboy shootout, and which casinos in Vegas have the best drink specials.


What are some of the reasons why someone would want to book a tour with Turtle Rabbit Travel?

Travel by RV gives you ultimate flexibility. While big bus tours tie you down to a fixed itinerary, your RV cohort will have only 7 people, meaning you can spend as long as you like exploring the Grand Canyon, enjoying that diner food, or buying some Route 66 memorabilia.


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What is the average group size with Turtle Rabbit Travel tours?

Each RV holds 7 people, and a typical trip includes 3 to 5 RVs travelling in a fleet. You and your RV-mates can set your own itinerary during the day, but every night you’ll have the opportunity to make more friends as you park alongside other RVs in the fleet.


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How did the company start and what is the story behind Turtle Rabbit Travel?

Before moving to Europe I didn’t know what a tour company was, much less that I’d end up starting one. I’m an American, but in 2009 I got dual citizenship with Ireland and moved abroad to take a year off. A year later I was bartending at a hostel in Wales, where a Busabout tour guide would bring her group through every week. She told me about her job, and it sounded amazing, so I applied and became a tour guide

Five years later, I’ve worked with some amazing European travel brands — Busabout, Sail Croatia, Med Experience, and Sandemans New Europe. I learned so much about the travel industry, but I kept hearing one persistent thing about my home country — most everyone I met planned on only seeing Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.

These are great places, but I knew there was an opportunity to show people the America I knew and loved — the one that exists outside the big cities, with cowboys and rodeos and big skies and some of the friendliest, warmest people I know.

While managing a yacht flotilla in Croatia, and I realised the idea of a group of boats travelling together could be applied the RVs in the USA. Road trips and the USA go hand-in-hand, and the idea of a flotilla, or fleet of vehicles travelling in tandem sounded too good to pass up. That’s why I started Turtle Rabbit Travel.


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What are some of the coolest things that travelers can do when on a Turtle Rabbit Travel tour in USA ?

Travelling by RV is such a liberating experience. All the downsides of road tripping just go out the window. The extra room means you can stretch out, play a game (Cards Against Humanity is a passenger favourite), and enjoy the panoramic views of the USA.

Experience-wise, one of our coolest destinations is Williams, Arizona. It’s on old Wild West Town where the residents are very proud of their cowboy heritage. Upon arrival we bring our groups to the town square where real-life cowboys reenact a famous shootout that took place in Williams. At the end of the shootout we go on a small-town pub crawl, experiencing Americana at it’s finest as we explore saloons, microbreweries and a bar that plays country music as you throw darts underneath a whole lots of animals mounted to the wall. It doesn’t get more American than that.


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Where did the Turtle Rabbit Travel logo come from – is there a story behind it?

I’ve always loved chimeras — mythical animals made up of parts from other animals (for example, the Sphinx in Egypt). I wanted to create a modern chimera. The name Turtle Rabbit Travel comes from the Tortoise and the Hare — we let you see a lot in a short amount of time. I think the logo really brings that across.




What are some of the benefits of doing a Turtle Rabbit Travel tour with you guys?

Our tours are hands-down the most budget-friendly of any guided tours offered in the USA. I hope that makes the USA accessible to just about anyone, because it’s a country that needs to be seen from the open road to really be appreciated.

RV travel is such a unique way to experience the USA road trip. Our friendly driver-guides let the USA be enjoyed without having to worry about any of the mechanics of driving or maintaining a big rig.

Our driver-guides are key to making this all work. They’re USA experts who know how to maximise your RV fun, finding the perfect pullover point for an epic selfie, the best grocery list for RV cooking, the best roadside attractions, and the best hiking routes.


Anything other final comments on what makes Turtle Rabbit Travel a great company to travel with?
RVs are perfect for the backpacking crowd. Joining our fleet is like being a mobile hostel on wheels, and we’re excited to show more people our favourite way to travel!


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