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Intro Travel Q&A: From Australia to Asia

To celebrate the launch of “Intro Travel,” the new, rebranded home of the award winning OzIntro, ThaIntro and Balintro, TourRadar chats with Trent Ford, General Manager of Intro Travel to learn a little more about the company, its success and what sets them apart from the rest.


How did the company start and what’s the story behind Intro Travel?

Intro Travel’s first tour brand “OzIntro,” was founded  just over 10 years ago by Michael Fotheringham, current Intro Travel Owner/Director, and his friend Lucy. While managing a hostel in Australia, they were encountering a lot of backpackers arriving in Sydney, not meeting many people, blowing money on nightlife and partying without the opportunity to further explore the awesome splendours offered throughout Australia. Like most good ideas, OzIntro was conceived after a big and boozy night out. Equipped at first with only a laptop, rented van and desire to show young travellers the many sides to Sydney, they set out on the first OzIntro tour.

Following OzIntro, came Balintro and winner of the 2015 TourRadar Worldwide Tour of the Year Award, ThaIntro. Until recently, all three brands were unique and independent but have since united under one umbrella to form the newly launched “Intro Travel” brand as the company paves the way for further growth and expansion.

What kinds of tours does Intro Travel specialize in?

We specialize in awesome group tours for adventurous, fun-loving people between the ages of 18-39. OzIntro, Balintro and ThaIntro provide tours that perfectly balance excitement, education, culture and relaxation. Intro Travel then goes on to combine elements from the three, creating amazing tours for seasoned travellers, first-time travellers, solo travellers and friend groups.

What are some of the coolest things that travellers can do when on an Intro Travel tour?

In Australia, travellers can learn to surf on iconic and beautiful beaches or blast around Sydney Harbour in a high speed Jet Boat. There’s no better way to explore the hidden treasures of Sydney up close.

If Thailand is more their pace, then travellers can look forward to sleeping overnight in a Floating Bungalow on a pristine freshwater lake within a stunning rainforest on the ThaIntro tour. Travellers will also get their fix of nature and beautiful Thai wildlife, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the jungle’s elephant population!

When in Bali, travellers will be swimming with hundreds of wild dolphins on a traditional Balinese outrigger boat trip. To add a little more excitement to the adventure, Balintro also takes travellers on a overnight trek around an active Volcano, reaching the summit to enjoy a delicious breakfast amidst a breathtaking sunrise.


What kind of training do Intro Travel guides have?

We always seek out the most outgoing people with great personalities who most importantly, are genuinely passionate about travel. It is for this reason, along with the incredible Intro training program, that Intro Travel has been awarded multiple TourRadar Tour of the Year Awards throughout the years.

When it comes to training, we have it pretty down pat. After 8 weeks of comprehensive and rigorous training, including theoretical learning and a whole lot of hands on practical training, the Intro Travel guide-in-the-making will shadow an experienced Group Leader to learn from the best. Intro Travel also places a significant emphasis on safety training, so it’s only natural for basic crisis management, first aid training and strict practices and procedures to be a strong focus within the guide curriculum.

Our guides are also stringently tested on awesomeness, joke telling and dancing ability!


Why would someone want to book a tour with Intro Travel?

As OzIntro, Balintro and ThaIntro merged to form Intro Travel, the best bits of each are being carried forward to foster enormous industry success, recognition and prestige. Apart from winning multiple industry awards including Tour Radar’s Tour of the Year – Worldwide 2 years running for ThaIntro and ‘Tour of the Year’ in Oceania 3 years running for OzIntro, there are a number of very important reasons why an Intro Travel tour is any traveller’s top choice.

You’ll have an awesome Group Leader from the moment you step off the plane, who will not only show you an amazing time but also help with all your onward travel plans, an instant group of friends to share your experience with, and an amazing itinerary that will show you the absolute best of each destination including hidden gems you wouldn’t see without them. We also include all your activities in the base price so there’s no hidden costs to blindside you while you’re having the time of your life.

Anything final thoughts on what makes Intro Travel a great company to travel with?

The most important thing about Intro Travel — what truly sets us apart — is that we genuinely care. We take the time to get to know every single group member and genuinely care about showing them the most amazing experience. We’re not in this for the money, we do it because we love travel and get a real satisfaction out of being a part of someone’s lifelong memories.


Check out Into Travel’s stellar tours and create your own lifelong memories with an amazing group of like-minded world travellers: If you have any doubts, just take a look at any one of the over 2000 extremely satisfied Intro-travellers’ reviews!

Intro Travel has been nominated for countless Guide of the Year awards and has won the following Tour of the Year Awards:



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