TourRadar uncovers significant results from global survey comparing regional travel habits

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – OCTOBER 11, 2016 – TourRadar, the largest online global marketplace for multi-day group tours and reviews, conducted a survey to dig deeper into travel trends across the world. Based on over 2,000 respondents from Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, the UK and the USA TourRadar was able to identify different travel habits between the regions.

“Our goal was to see how people in different regions across the globe travelled,” said Travis Pittman, CEO and Co-Founder at TourRadar. “Most of all, we wanted to see if there were any key differences across regions. Who travels the most? Why do they travel? What region could use more travel inspiration in their life?”

In terms of who had packed up to travel the world, it was almost an even split with 51% of people who had and 49% who stated they hadn’t. Looking at these stats based on regions, TourRadar found there was a clear difference when it came to what countries travel the most. In terms of who has packed up to travel in their past, 60% of respondents from New Zealand and 59% from Australia had, that number dropped slightly in the UK and the USA to 52%. The number declined even further in Canada, with only 45% of survey respondents having claimed to drop everything to travel in the past.

Based on results, people in Australia (46%), New Zealand (42%), the UK (36%) and Canada (31%) have travelled significantly longer than other countries, with most respondents travelling for six months or more. On the other hand, American (25%) and European travellers (34%) have taken trips that are much shorter, maxing out at just two weeks.

When it comes to spending, the thriftiest regions were the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia who reported spending between $0 – $100USD per day while travelling.

“Though the majority of people reported spending $0 – $100USD per day, many people said that they thought travelling was more expensive than anticipated,” said Pittman. “What’s great is that travel is completely doable within almost any price range. When travellers consider touring as opposed to solo travel, the ability to save increases significantly.”

For those who have not yet packed up to discover the world, 88% indicated that they have travelled abroad before. However, when split by region Australians and Europeans have taken a trip abroad the most. On the other hand, only 2% of Canadians who have not packed their bags to travel have been abroad.

The survey was taken online by more than 2,000 people across the globe from May – June 2016 and results have been gathered throughout July, August and September. We have also provided visuals outlining the results in the form of an infographic and animated video.


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