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Intro Travel Q&A: From Australia to Asia

To celebrate the launch of “Intro Travel,” the new, rebranded home of the award winning OzIntro, ThaIntro and Balintro, TourRadar chats with Trent Ford, General Manager of Intro Travel to learn a little more about the company, its success and what sets them apart from the rest. How did the company start and what’s the

The most incredible places you need to see while in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of those places with deep history, beautiful beaches, incredible food and culture. It has quickly become popular for travellers of any age, because there’s something there for everyone. Whether you’re simply planning on heading there to relax, discover the history or the culture, or just to see why travellers across the world

Bali and Surrounds; Summed Up In 10 Spectacular Images

Indonesian islands – they are truly is as incredible as they sound. Our friends at Wanderlands Travel have collected the best photos they have to show off the area. Here we show you the beautiful side to Bali and the surrounding area… Ombak Sunset Resort, Gili T The infamous swing has tourists flocking to get what will

16 Foods you MUST try in South East Asia

There are many reasons to be excited for a pending trip to South East Asia – the different cultures the people, the incredible landscapes and stunning sunsets. And then there is the food. We’ve put together 16 of the dishes that you might have sampled elsewhere in the world, but that you must have when travelling

Introducing the Hottest Tourist Destinations of Turkey

Introducing the Hottest Tourist Destinations of Turkey If one is planning to travel at a destination that covers beautiful countryside, mesmerizing beaches, exotic environment, then one should opt for a visit to Turkey that offers an enchanted vacation. Turkey is much more than its clichéd image of the “Bridge between East and West”. The country

Four Destinations for Travellers on a Tight Budget

Budgets are the bane of most travelers’ existence, and it’s an understandable concern! With the prices of basic commodities, accommodations, and other travel expenses rising globally, it can be difficult travel on a tight budget. Thankfully, some destinations are still a little easier on the wallet. Check out this list of the most affordable destinations

TourRadar Wants to Send YOU to Southeast Asia!

Competition Notice: TourRadar wants to send one adventurous writer, photographer, blogger, movie-maker or podcaster on a 12-day press trip to Southeast Asia! Included is one round-trip economy class flight from a decided-upon airport of origin to Ho Chi Mihn City Airport, as well as a budget of spending money for the duration of the trip. Think