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Q&A: Bananaway

What kinds of tours do Bananaway specialize in? Bananaway specialize in organizing adventure-packed stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) & kiteboarding trips in Slovenia and around the world! Slovenia stand up paddling adventures are active sightseeing tours that are combining stand up paddling with other sport activities, #mustsee sights and culinary delights. They are intended for enthusiastic

Q&A: Weekend Student Adventures

What kind of tours do Weekend Student Adventures (WSA) specialize in? WSA specializes in tours designed for international students and young budget backpackers in Europe. Students studying abroad in Europe use their free time on weekends to travel throughout the continent, so we designed a tour company specifically (but not exclusively) for them as a

Intro Travel Q&A: From Australia to Asia

To celebrate the launch of “Intro Travel,” the new, rebranded home of the award winning OzIntro, ThaIntro and Balintro, TourRadar chats with Trent Ford, General Manager of Intro Travel to learn a little more about the company, its success and what sets them apart from the rest. How did the company start and what’s the

Live the Unreal: 8 Days in Paradise with Sail in Greece

When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, my friends and I would sometimes get on the commuter ferry on weekends to go bike riding at Angel Island. It’s an uninhabited nature conservatory, which is known to the locals as the island paradise for bike enthusiasts of all types, from pro-cyclists to small children

International Tour Guide Day – Love Your Guide!

This coming Sunday the 21st of February is International Tour Guide Day, celebrating everyone’s favourite part of their tour – the guide! Show your favourite tour guide some love and appreciation this February 21st by sharing your best guide memories from your trip as part of the festivities . International Tour Guide Day was originally founded by the

Q&A Turtle Rabbit Travel

  What kinds of tours do Turtle Rabbit Travel specialise in? We’re offering USA road trips by RV for the backpacking crowd. RVs are amazing, versatile vehicles that have tons of room, sleep 7 people, and even have a bathroom and kitchen on board. Our friendly driver-guides help make sure you have an amazing time

Travel Tips, Secrets and Advice from World’s Top Tour Guides; Part 3

Here in Part 3, we ask Guide Of the Year finalists to reveal their favorite destinations for relaxation, most embarrassing moment and what they have learnt from traveling. Being professional travelers, as well as exceptionally good at their jobs, we thought it would be good to ask these travel experts their tips, secrets and advice for travel

Travel Tips, Secrets and Advice from World’s Top Tour Guides; Part 2

Here in Part 2, we ask Guide Of the Year finalists to tell us their pro tips for surviving a group tour, the hardest thing about life on the road, and what their favourite travel accessory would be. Being professional travelers, as well as exceptionally good at their jobs, we thought it would be good to ask

OzIntro Q&A

What kind of tours does OzIntro specialise in? OzIntro is the perfect way to start your adventure downunder. With an amazing week of activities and help with everything you need to work and travel in Oz, there’s no better way to start your trip! And by going as part of a group it’s a great way

Bamba Experience Q&A

We wanted to know a bit more about our friends at Bamba Experience and decided to ask them a few questions to get more information about their tours and find out why they do what they do. What kind of tours do Bamba Experience specialise in? Bamba Experience is a tour operator that focuses Adventure