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Attention: Beer Lovers

April 7th is National Beer Day in North America, a day to celebrate the diverse and seemingly endless types of commercial and craft beers out there in the world.

In North America, the beer scene has continued to increase in popularity over the years, with breweries popping up all over the United States and Canada. People who never considered themselves beer lovers before are now finding themselves in heated debates as to which new craft brewery is creating the “most authentic” brew. A nice cold pint has suddenly become a cultural phenomenon spanning across generations of thirsty Americans and Canadians.


In light of this fabulous day, we thought we would share some of our favourite beer-inspired tours to quench that thirst of yours

Let it Beer
If you’re a big fan of cycling and beer – this is the perfect one for you since you’ll be on a bike for much of it from Salzburg to Munich. Take part in an authentic Austrian beer tasting, learn the history of brewing and experience a Bavarian beer and food tour in Munich.

Beer or Bust
Experience two world-famous beer festivals, Oktoberfest and Stuttgart, with a quick break in the middle of course to have a few drinks at your own pace. Start the journey in Munich at the famous Oktoberfest, then head to beautiful Prague, the beer capital of the world. End in Stuttgart and experience another epic beer festival that’s famous worldwide.

Belgian Beer Tour
Head to Belgium to discover incredible beer and cuisine. Visit Delirium Beer Hall and taste some local specialties before heading off to Rochefort. Wander through markets and have a picnic while sipping beer in town. For the beer lovers looking to fill their minds with beer trivia knowledge, you’ll even learn everything you need to know from a local beer specialist.

For some more of our favourites, check out Jackie’s Beer Lover’s Wish List


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