Adventure Guide of the Year Award 2017

We've listened to thousands of travellers throughout the past year and heard all they had to say about their guides. The consensus? Every adventure was made that much better thanks to the exceptional guides leading them. This year, we partnered with the Adventure Travel Trade Association to find the tour leader most deserving of the Adventure Guide of the Year Award.
Elisha is first and foremost a top draw tour guide, who’s enthusiasm and passion for travel shines through on every tour she leads. She has always demonstrated to everyone, that going above and beyond isn't something that you do when you feel it’s needed, but it’s part and parcel of being among the tour guide elite. Her knowledge and zest for wildlife conservation, is something that sets her apart from other guides. She is not only a happy go lucky individual on the outside, but her kindness and consideration for responsible tourism is what makes her a perfect example of modern day tour guide.

Elisha’s aura is something that stays with her travellers long after they have departed for home, and it’s what brings them back on more than one occasion. She changes lives, saves the planet, and makes friends wherever she goes. She is one in a million and we’re proud that’s she is Bamboo.
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