Guide of the Year Awards 2016

We've listened to thousands of travellers for the past 12 months and heard all that they had to say about their guides. Some travellers were gushing, some were understated but nearly all agreed - their guides made their tours unforgettable. When selecting a winner, it’s not all about the numbers. We consider and balance many elements in order to find the best quality guide in the industry, ensuring fairness across the board.
Matt is an exceptional tour guide who is committed to always going above and beyond the bounds of his job description. He confidently demonstrates his incredible knowledge of local culture and history, providing a truly personal experience to every traveller who has the privilege of joining him on a tour.

His hospitality and enthusiasm ensure an atmosphere where hundreds of travellers feel not only comfortable and safe but completely taken care of in every sense of the word. His commitment to leading incredible tours extends far beyond the first day of the trip, and the memories he helps his travellers create last a lifetime. He’s truly a life-changing tour guide and for that we thank him for his extraordinary work. Congratulations Matt!
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