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Adventure Tour Guide of the Year

What is an Adventure Guide?

An Adventure Guide will have expert knowledge in a variety of skill competencies required to facilitate a group of guests through different terrain, environments, and locales in a safe, appropriate and sustainable matter.

~ Guide of the Year Awards paused due to the worldwide pandemic. We'll be back soon! ~

What are the prizes?

The Adventure Guide of the Year grand prize is valued at more than USD$5,000. As the winner, you will receive 1 year of apparel from ExOfficio, a donation in your name to a charity of your choice and a generous helping of TourRadar Travel Credits! Runner-ups also have the chance to win USD$100 in Travel Credits.

How do I win?

Guides enter the TourRadar Adventure Guide of the Year program by signing up as a guide on TourRadar and selecting "I'm an Adventure Guide". By doing that, they agree to adhere to the International Adventure Travel Guide Qualification and Performance Standards (ATGQ&PS). The standards can be viewed in detail here. The applicants should provide evidence of training and certifications relevant to any of the 5 core competency areas.

In addition to holding the proper qualifications, the winner is selected based on both quality and quantity of traveller reviews. Travellers submit their reviews, ratings and photos. TourRadar uses an algorithm based on the data collected to rate the top guides. The top ten rated adventure guides will then be judged by a Guide Standards Panel based on the pillars of the ATGQ&PS. The winner and two runners up will be featured via video presentation at the ATTA Summit for the announcement.

If you’re already registered as a guide on TourRadar, you do not need to apply. If you haven’t yet registered, click “Apply now” button below. Remember to remind your travellers to leave you a review!
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