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  •  reviewer 1
    Splendours of Japan
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on March 23, 2017

    …rs from and to the airport, but never used them. Thank you very much, Trafalgar! We hope to go on another amazing trip with you!
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  •  reviewer 2
    Irish Highlights Winter
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on March 14, 2017

    Well organised, compact tour with Jillian an excellent guide. She gave us so much information and history on Ireland to make it more inspiring. We were not ru…
    Read more

  •  reviewer 3
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on March 8, 2017

    This is a very late review and my apologies... Our trip was the Iberian explorer 2016 and it was wonderful ... From the airport until we left the Spain ..Our tr…
    Read more

  •  reviewer 4
    Best of Ireland
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on January 27, 2017

    …ded expectations in every way. Words of praise don't do it justice. Trafalgar is the best. I loved the assigned seats and moving up 3 rows ever…
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  •  reviewer 5
    European Whirl
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on January 23, 2017

    A wonderful experience. A great group of people (even though most were Australians☺) and an excellent itinerary. If you can handle the pace, do it!

  •  reviewer 6
    Best of Italy Winter
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on January 21, 2017

    Very well organized and tour director was very passionate about her country.

  •  reviewer 7
    Patagonian Grand Adventure with Buenos Aires Summer
    2.5 - Average
    Written on January 20, 2017

    Trafalgar tour November 19 - December 1 Patagonian grand adventure with Buen…
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  •  reviewer 8
    Best of Italy Winter
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on January 11, 2017

    Tour director was the best. Hidden treasure and other information was relevant ans interesting

  •  reviewer 9
    Contrasts of New Zealand Summer
    3.5 - Good
    Written on January 10, 2017

  •  reviewer 10
    Contrasts of New Zealand Summer
    3.5 - Good
    Written on January 3, 2017

    All are well arranged, but need much more time to spend the designated tour areas. It is like San Josef we only was given time to take off the bus and take a wa…
    Read more

About Trafalgar

Trafalgar has been hand crafting unique guided holidays for nearly 70 years. They were the first to introduce travellers to the local experience and continue today where destinations come to life through their hand-picked insider experiences. They pave the way by presenting locals who share their stories, culture, and cuisine With over 230 holidays in Europe, North, Central & South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia Trafalgar offers new ways to travel every year. Choose between 11 travel styles created to satisfy even the most travelled individual. So whether you wish to explore in an intimate group to less visited destinations or travel with your entire family, Trafalgar offers the perfect range of tours that tailors to your needs.

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Why Trafalgar


With almost 70 years experience, we’ve managed to create meaningful relationships with everyone you encounter on your journey with us. From hoteliers to local providers, we strive to provide you with nothing but the best.


Travel with us and you’ll discover the local culture first hand at every destination. Mingle with the locals, taste their food, listen to their stories and encounter a truly authentic experience.


With more than 230 trips worldwide, we are sure to have a travel style and trip to suit you. We provide more destinations, styles of trips, and experiences than any other guided vacation company. In addition, we also offer more optional experiences and entertainment options too.


Innovation is important to us. We help bring your destination to life with our Insider Experiences, the first of its kind. We were also the first to offer guided vacations at a more leisurely pace. We are constantly striving for innovation and to provide you with the best possible experience.


The quality of our vacations are second to none. We ensure quality in everything we do, whether it be inspecting our hotels or training our travel directors.


Everyone at Trafalgar has a passion for travel. From the person who greets you at the airport, to the team dedicated to uncovering extraordinary experiences. You will encounter our passion at every turn.


We are very proud that no other guided travel company has received so many awards. What’s most important though, is that our guests give us a 97% rating.

Trafalgar Benefits

Real Insiders

One of the greatest advantages of travelling with us is our network of local characters. With almost 70 years experience, we’ve developed intimate and valued relationships with locals in every destination, from chefs and farmers to even taxi drivers. You will share their food, their wine and listen to their stories. It is a truly unique way of getting to know your destination and something we love to see our guests experience.

Real Choice

We are confident we have a travel style and trip to suit you. We provide more destinations, more styles of trips, and experiences than any other guided vacation company.

Real Flexibility

We know flexibility is important and there is always an element of free time built into our vacations. In addition, we also offer many optional experiences and entertainment options.

Real Ease

On our vacations, you’re a VIP. You won’t need to read maps, carry suitcases or wait in line at famous sites. You’ll stay in carefully picked hotels and enjoy exclusive access to many sights. We promise the real deal and that’s what we deliver.

Trafalgar Guides

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The Trafalgar Story and History

With over 230 trips worldwide, Trafalgar has been creating exceptional guided vacations for almost 70 years. Over that time, our guests have experienced authentic and life-changing trips to Europe, North & Central America, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Trafalgar is proud to be a family company and is conducted by CEO Gavin Tollman. We pride ourselves on our quality and ability to innovate. This is most evident with our Insider Experiences, which allows our guests to enjoy their destination through the eyes of a local. We continuously strive to remain the leader in guided travel and are constantly evolving in new directions. Travel is our passion.

Questions & Answers

We are there for you! If you have any questions about this operator, then please don't hesitate to contact us 24/7 and we will get back to you latest within 2 hours!