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  •  reviewer 1
    Ibiza Beach Camp (5 night package)
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on August 14, 2017
    1. One of the best experiences in my life so far. 2. One of the most unexpected trips 3. The most incredible crew and guests: it's unusual 4. You leave in te…
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  • J
    San Sebastian Surf Camp (6 nights)
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on August 6, 2017
    I stayed at the surf house in Zarautz for several nights and it was an excellent experience. The house is nice and the facilities are perfect for high-end dirtb…
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  • E
    Ibiza Beach Camp ( 2 nights)
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on August 1, 2017
    If you wanna have the chance to hang out with probably the coolest, most approachable and most interesting people probably you ever met I definitely recommend …
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  • O
    San Vino (3 nights)
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on July 26, 2017
    I went with Stoke Travel to San Vino, the wine fight in Haro, Spain. This was by far my …
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  •  reviewer 5
    San Vino (3 nights)
    2.5 - Average
    Written on July 22, 2017
    This festival is absolutely amazing, and Haro is such a great little town full of amazing locals. Unfortunately if you're a true 'Stokie' it was the done thing …
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  • RJ
    San Sebastian Surf Camp (3 nights)
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on July 21, 2017
    The best week of my trip! The moment I walked into the San Sebastion surf camp I immediately felt apart of the family, with a beer in hand the good times had…
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  • J
    San Sebastian Surf Camp (7 nights)
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on July 20, 2017
    Me and my girlfriend had an amazing time with the San Sebastian surf camp crew. We were made to feel very welcome, Adam, Kaihla and the surf instructors were ve…
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  • M
    Running of the Bulls Ride With Us Barcelona
    2.0 - Rather poor
    Written on July 20, 2017
    Several friends and I booked the Stoke Travel Running of the Bulls Day Trip from Barcelona, and we were all e…
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  • L
    Running of the Bulls Ride With Us Madrid
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on July 19, 2017
    Recently travelled with Stoke to the 'Running of the Bulls' and must say I had the craziest weekend.…
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  •  reviewer 10
    Oktoberfest (2 nights)
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on July 18, 2017
    Had a great experience with Stoke Travel last year and very keen on going again this year! Accommodation…
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About Stoke Travel

Stoke does travel your way. Stoke won’t herd you around with inflexible itineraries, Stoke doesn’t lose track of the beauty of travel. None of Stoke’s trips are identical, but there is a consistent theme. We like to consider our guests to be participants in the experience, not observers. We create an environment where you feels you ‘own’ your trip, with enough flexibility in our schedule for you to make your own decisions as to what you do. We also consider ourselves to be ‘fun’ merchants, we believe that fun can be created, and is indeed valuable to the traveler. When you’re looking back on the travels you’ve done, surely the trips where you’ve had the most fun will be the trips you remember most fondly. There is not set formula for fun, and everybody enjoys different things, but we make sure the environment is there for you to enjoy yourself while you’re traveling with us…     Why does Stoke surf?   A long time ago a well known surf brand ran a long running ad campiaign with the slogan “Only a surfer knows the feeling”. In this day and age we can, rightfully, view that sentiment as a pile of sentimental tripe. Nevertheless, the marketing gurus were onto something – surfing is a special pastime, one that transcends the boundaries of sport and art, that inspires the most primal feelings in your latent flippers (we came from the sea, 70% of us still calls the sea our close cousin). To surf is not just to do something overwhelmingly fun, healthy or cool, though it is all of those things, it’s a quasi spiritual pastime, a form of meditation that doesnt require you to stink like a hippy, a way to clear the mind, bring yourself closer to the great creator, to retrace our steps from sea to land, to dance the cosmic dance that our ancestors did all those eons ago…     Or maybe, just perhaps, we’re being self indulgent wankers and there isn’t more to surfing than the quite simple act of riding waves, looking cool, scoring babes and getting sand in your ears (amongst other orrifices). In any case, it’s what Stoke Travel does, what got us on the road in the first place, and something we will continue to do until we are old and sultana like. It is for these reasons Stoke takes special pride in its surf camps, it’s where we started and where we want to end up. You should join us for a surf sometime… The sport of kings* is our thing. We started out in Europe chasing waves, and we haven’t even thought about slowing down. *Polynesian royals were the first to get it on, but the British monarchy soon picked it up.    

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  • San Vino
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