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102 Contiki Discovery Plus trips

With the Contiki 'Discovery Plus' style trips, you do it all. If you are the type of explorer who wants to see it all and tick as many boxes as you can, then this is the travel style to give you the trip of a lifetime. Imagine visiting Amsterdam to cycle along the famous canals, taking photos from atop the Eiffel Tower or learning from your local specialist guides about the renaissance history of Florence. All this, as well as plenty of your own free time to explore, is part of the Contiki Discovery Plus style.

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102 Contiki Discovery Plus trips

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  • This style allows you to make the most of what time you have
  • There is more choice available with Discovery Plus
  • Discovery Plus allows you to see more destinations
  • This travel style takes in more of the icons

All Discovery Plus Contiki Tours Reviews

  • "Nick was the greatest ever. He knew every city like the back of his hand and had"
    European Discovery
  • "Chris was a great guide. He connected well with everyone and was a relaxing person."
    European Vista
  • "I loved being on the Contiki. We had an expert showing us around who was great fun"
    European Discovery (Winter)
  • "T-Bone was the man, it would be hard to imagine anybody better than him. Humour,"
    European Inspiration
  • "Brianna was a great tour guide! She knew her stuff and was there to help whenever"
    European Magic
  • "Don't get me wrong, the trip was fantastic. But, our guide was rather knew and not"
    Asian Adventure