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La Tomatina

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20 Tomatina trips

Participate in the world’s largest and most exhilarating food fight where over 150,000 tomatoes are thrown in the streets of Bunol, Spain during La Tomatina.

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20 Tomatina trips

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  • Eat a hearty breakfast before the fight and hydrate
  • Remember to play fair and by the rules
  • Wear comfortable, close toed shoes - the streets are packed, messy and slippery!
  • Wear goggles or cheap sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Wear white clothes that you’re OK with discarding (the white will help show-off the tomato mess)
  • Wear sunscreen, August in Spain is hot!
  • Purchase a waterproof case for your camera and/or phone
  • Bring a change of clean clothes for afterwards
  • Smash your tomatoes before throwing them so they are squishier and don’t hurt your friendly opponents
  • Book your ticket and accommodations or tour early

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