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Get your adrenaline pumping during this wild fiesta week boasting the infamous Running of the Bulls and several other deep rooted traditional and folkloric events.
“I wanna party on an island! Or maybe check out some modern art...or should I go camping...OR see some great bands?” All and more is awaiting you at Sziget!
Participate in the world’s largest and most exhilarating food fight where over 150,000 tomatoes are thrown in the streets of Bunol, Spain during La Tomatina.
Christmas & New Year
Tours starting from USD $329
Check all the destinations for Christmas and New Year's Eve tours and trips. Find where to go during Christmas holidays 2017 and New Year's Eve 2018. Among the destinations: the magic atmosphere of Europe, the Egyptian beaches and the exciting USA. Search among our vacation and holiday packages and choose your destination.
Tours starting from USD $103
If you love beer than join 6 million of your fellow brew lovers at Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival. Partake in the joyous Bavarian festivities in Munich, Germany.
Anzac Day
Tours starting from USD $160
For a powerful glimpse into history, participate in the Anzac Day commemoration events at Gallipoli Peninsula, where all the action went down over 100 years ago.
Rio Carnival
Tours starting from USD $1265
Rio de Janeiro
Get ready to have the time of your life at Rio Carnival, where you can let your true colors shine, partying and dancing the day and night away to the Samba.
New Years
Tours starting from USD $611
New York City
Grab your glass of champagne and get your resolutions ready! There’s countless places to ring in the New Year the way you’ve always dreamed.
Tours starting from USD $498
Want to be part of the most happening New Year’s celebration? Then get yourself on a plane to Edinburgh, Scotland this year to see what all the hype is about.
European Christmas Markets
Tours starting from USD $299
Experience the magic of the holiday season by getting reacquainted with your inner child at one of Europe’s many Christmas markets.
Mexico Day of the Dead
Tours starting from USD $749
Partake in Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebrations for a vibrant cultural experience as Mexico honours those who have passed through unique and inspiring rituals.
St. Patrick's Day
Tours starting from USD $449
Green streets, colorful parades, and the finest pints of Guinness you’ve ever drank? There’s no place like Dublin to celebrate Ireland’s pride and joy: St. Patrick’s Day!
Tours starting from USD $1399
Get your bravest face on and embrace all things supernatural to celebrate this spooky day at Dracula’s castle in Transylvania, Romania!
Tours starting from USD $192
Easter is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, described in the Bible as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion.
Las Fallas
Tours starting from USD $68
Las Fallas is one of Spain’s most unique and energetic festivals filled with electrifying spirit, vibrant colours, fire, and plenty of noise and smoke.
Carnevale di Venezia
Tours starting from USD $1699
Do you dream of masquerade balls, gondola rides, and candlelight dinners? All of the above? Then attend the Carnevale di Venezia and live out your own Italian dream!
Tours starting from USD $1745
New Delhi
Diwali is India’s largest and most widely celebrated holiday of the year. Experience it for yourself and come to understand why Diwali is known as the “festival of lights.”
Songkran Festival
Tours starting from USD $1009
Chiang Mai
What better way to ring in the Thai New Year than participating in a massive 3-day water fight? A true mix of tradition and symbolism with modern fun and excitement.
Yacht Week Croatia
Tours starting from USD $1630
Join Croatia’s weeklong sailing extravaganza along the picturesque Adriatic coast, partying, exploring and making new friends all along the way.
Stuttgart Beer Festival
Tours starting from USD $788
While attracting over 4 million beer lovers, the majority of Stuttgart Beer Festival attendees are local Germans, making for a truly authentic funfair experience.