1 Update the tour details regularly

Make sure your departure dates, availability and prices are updated regularly so that travellers can plan their trip correctly. This saves lots of time and allows you to receive enquiries that are automatically one step closer to a booking.

2 Clearly state what is and what is not included

List inclusions and exclusions clearly in the tour description so that there is no confusion and travellers can make informed decisions.

3 Use a high quality photo for each tour

Bright and good quality images that portray the lifetime experience that travellers will have on your trip will help you attract potential customers. Make sure you use a unique image for each of your tours.

8 Important Steps for Tour Operators to Get More Bookings

4 Add videos to my tours

Upload a video and use tags to feature it on my tours in the TourRadar.com Marketplace and my Facebook Apps. Good quality videos can illustrate the atmosphere on your trips much better than words and in just a couple of minutes, you can convince a customer to travel with you.

8 Important Steps for Tour Operators to Get More Bookings

5 Ask every traveller to write a review

Reviews are the key to success. Travellers have an unlimited choice of tours to compare online and Reviews from your past customers are one of the most objective, transparent and trusted factors that travellers rely on heavily. The more Reviews you get, the higher you rank.

8 Important Steps for Tour Operators to Get More Bookings

6 Prompt every traveller who has booked a tour to Meet Others

Allow your customers to share their excitement and meet their buddies before they travel together. Meet Others App not only helps your customers to exchange planning tips and to be more comfortable on their first travel day; but also, Meet Other messages inspire potential travellers to travel with you and add another very important layer of credibility during their decision process.

8 Important Steps for Tour Operators to Get More Bookings

7 Respond to enquiries within 5 minutes

When you respond to an enquiry within the first 5 minutes, your chances of converting the enquiry into a booking improve 3 times. Yes, we have done the math! Also, don’t take the conversation outside the TourRadar messaging system because the customer trusts TourRadar and we use email delivery solutions to ensure your messages get delivered and are not marked as spam.

8 Important Steps for Tour Operators to Get More Bookings

8 Keep responses short and establish a dialogue

Your response to an enquiry should not be an essay. Be quick, catch the customers at a point when they are still online and surprise them with a fast, short and a helpful response. Start a dialogue instead of delivering long lists of information.

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