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Tour this ancient Holy Land and you will see the incredible ruins of the lost city of Petra, take a trip to Mt Nebo where Moses is said to have seen ‘the promised land’ and visit Wadi Rum and overnight with the Bedouin inhabitants. Ancient ruins scattered throughout Jordan include a roman theatre with stunning views over cosmopolitan Amman and a hippodrome where roman chariots raced. Try floating in the famous Dead Sea.

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  • Marvel at the incredibly preserved, ancient Roman city of Jerash.
  • Spend the night in a Bedouin camp. These nomadic desert dwellers have inhabited the region for thousands of years.
  • Imagine a city being hidden for centuries underneath desert sands. Petra will leave you speechless.
  • Hang on tight as you fly across the desert sands on a thrilling 4x4 jeep tour.
  • Spend the afternoon floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea and slathering yourself with its therapeutic mud.
  • Canoe through a sandstone gorge to a spectacular 20 metre waterfall. Take a dip in the clear rock pools.
  • Cycle to the village of Mukawir where you’ll be welcomed by a local family for lunch.
  • Spend a day snorkelling or relaxing on the beach in the Red Sea resort city of Aqaba.


  • The official language of Jordan is Arabic. English is spoken in tourist areas.
  • The currency of Jordan is the dinar. ATM’s are easy to find in tourist areas. Credit cards aren’t widely accepted.
    Keep some cash on hand.
  • Tipping around 10-15% is common for good service.
  • Don’t leave without a traditional Jordanian head scarf, skin products from the dead sea and a decorated sand bottle.
  • Jordan is conservative at heart. Keep modesty in mind with regards to clothes.
  • Be sure to try a tasty Zarb barbecue. Play it safe and stick to bottled water.
  • It is considered polite to refuse a meal three times before accepting it.
  • Avoid giving the gesture for “ok”. Putting your thumb and index fingers together and raising the other three is a threatening gesture.

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