Most Amazing Tour 2013

2013 was an incredible year at TourRadar. Our travellers saw sights never imagined, shared journeys, food, laughter and built incredible friendships while on tour. An Amazing Tour can change your life - so we at TourRadar set out to find the Most Amazing Tour of 2013. Check out the winners!
N. America

Most Amazing Tour 2013 Overall Winner

Length 24 days
149 reviews
24 days
149 reviews
Starts in Bangkok
Ends in Koh Phangan

The Land Of Smiles (Thailand 24 days)

149 reviews

Welcome to La-La-Land: Once upon a time we decided pack up our lives, throw them on our backs and head directo strait to SE Asia with one goal in mind, to develop the ultimate Thailand trip. Over the years wechr("39")ve gone through the good, the bad, and the outright ugly, and after 8+ years experience the trip we provide is something so special itchr("39")s hard to describe with words. The videos, the photos, and the copywrite can all try to do this trip justice, but when youchr("39")re laying in your hammock in X secret location smiling to yourself, youchr("39")ll just know, this is the good life.

Activities Included:

  • Bamboo Rafting
  • 7 Layer waterfall hike
  • Elephant Trek
  • Full Moon Party
  • Hot springs Trip
  • Thai Spa Experience
  • Thai Orphanage School trip
  • Snorkeling Boat Trip
  • Khao Sok Lake House Trip

Other available activities:

  • Yoga
  • Thai Cooking Courses
  • Fishing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Thai Language Courses
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fire Spinning Lessons
  • Tiger Temple
  • Muay Thai Training
  • Kayaking Trip
  • River Tubing
  • And many more...
24th November 2016
This was an incredible experience, every day was a new adventure. I absolutely loved this trip and would recommend it top anyone who is interested!
29th June 2016
My 24 day trip to thailand was my first big trip ever. I had only ever been to cuba and california for a few days. I was looking for something where I did not have to worry about planning and the stress of having to find a way to get around from place to place. BT did that for me and it was everything i hoped and more. This trip is all about having fun, kicking back and relaxing in the sun all the while meeting new friends that become your family by the end of the trip. The guides were simply amazing, kinda crazy, but crazy good. There were super friendly, outgoing, and approachable in times of need. In terms of accommodations, they were good, not luxurious, but always clean and safe. Travelling accommodations were always well organized, from bus to train to boat. Overall, I could not be happier with my experience. I definitely recommend a trip with BT 100%. I did a lot of things I would never have done on my own. And I feel like they have prepared me enough to go back to Thailand on my own one day and travel the rest of the country. It's just that beautiful.
26th June 2016
My trip with BT was amazing! Everywhere we went was awesome and my guides Chelsea and Darcy really made it a trip I will never forget! Food was great, and the places were overall nice - bottle beach being my favourite! Going to miss my BT family but will hopefully be back soon! Highly recommend this trip!

Most Amazing Tour 2013 Africa Winner

Length 14 days
132 reviews
14 days
132 reviews
Starts in Dar es Salaa...
Ends in Arusha

GIVE - Tanzania

132 reviews

GIVE in Tanzania for the adventure of a lifetime! Volunteer on pristine Zanzibar Island building new schools in rural communities and assist in the classroom promoting literacy, health and hygeine. Swim with dolphins, snorkel and sail before returning to the mainland to end your excursion on a 2-day safari, camping in a national park. Combine groundbreaking development projects with cultural immersion and incredible adventures abroad for a unique and meaningful volunteer experience!

Tanzania Eco-friendly Infrastructure

Access to drinkable water and education are fundamental to living a fulfilling and prosperous life. As a GIVE volunteer, you will support a sustainable and drastic change in the quality of life of people in rural villages by implementing essential infrastructure, such as schools and fresh water systems. By pioneering unique recycling techniques in our building processes, the positive impacts will not be limited to one group of individuals.  In fact, these innovative and inspiring practices will transcend generations by promoting sustainable environmental solutions for the future. Learn more about GIVE's eco-friendly infrastructure projects and our bottle building techniques.

Tanzania Educational Program

Like many African countries, Tanzania struggles to provide sufficient education for its growing numbers of children. Lack of resources, corruption, and insufficient human capital continue to cripple the country's education system.  As a GIVE volunteer, you will help overcome these obstacles by assisting local teachers with basic educational practices. You will work one-on-one with children focusing on:English, health, hygiene, computers, sports, and other critical components of a well-rounded education.  The children you work with in Zanzibar have a firm grasp on the value of a good education and a passion to learn.  As a GIVE volunteer, you will help student's achieve their educational goals to develop the foundation for a better life.  Read more about GIVE's educational program.

Constitution of a Local NGO

To promote local involvement and the creation of local leadership and social capital, GIVE is supporting and constituting a local NGO.  This NGO will be led by community members and will have financial and organizational support from GIVE. This will help ensure that our projects remain sustainable and community oriented, even when our volunteers are not on the ground.

26th January 2017
At 19 years old I had never flown on an airplane. My hands were shaking as the flight check guy was telling me how to weigh my bag and checking my passport, I couldn't think. As I'm getting on the flight I keep thinking "What the hell am I doing going to Africa?". Two weeks later I know what I did now was the best life and most life changing thing I could ever do. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had the money! On this trip, I felt the most unconditional love and acceptance from everyone. I never felt so connected with everything. This placed healed me. I fell in love with country somehow all of it put me back together again. Sometimes you don't need therapy you just need to get out of the country!
25th January 2017
Best 2 weeks of my life. Absolutely travel with GIVE.
24th January 2017
This is my second trip through GIVE, the first one being to Nicaragua, and my most current to Africa. To be honest I didn't think my trip to Africa could even compare to my amazing to trip to Nicaragua, but I was sorely mistaken. Each trip was incredible and unique in it's own way, and just like I did in Nicaragua, I fell head over heals in love with Tanzania. Throughout my trip in Tanzania (and Nicaragua too), all of our accommodations were wonderful. The places where we slept were very clean and maintained, had running water, EXTREMELY kind staff, and always felt very safe. Many of our places we slept had a GORGEOUS view too. From beautiful mountains to baby blue ocean views, you won't want to blink because you don't want to miss the view for a single second while at each place. I'm not a morning person either, but I made sure to get up for those breathtaking sunrises over the ocean. The food we were served throughout the trip was always delicious and authentic, and of course was enough to keep you full and satisfied every time. You CAN'T beat the fresh fruit served on Zanzibar Island. I don't think eating pineapple will ever be the same. The transportation on this trip (while not always super comfortable) was always exciting and a fun time. From dancing and singing at the top of our lungs on the open backed truck to swapping embarrassing stories on the coach bus to the safari, there was never a dull moment. I think the thing I fell in love with most about Zanzibar Island specifically was the community. The people in the community are so excited for you, as a volunteer, to be there and they love smiling and waving at your or attempting to make conversations with you in English from what they learned from English class the day before. Their eagerness to learn and their passion for life has brought a new perspective into my eyes. You see how little these people care about possessions and how much they care about each other and it makes you re-evaluate how you are living your life. It was so humbling working side-by-side with the locals in the village to help build a school as well as to see students using a classroom that we finished just the day before. We take school for granted in America, and it's amazing to see these students so eager to learn and happy to be in the classrooms. I also got the opportunity to lead the children's tutoring class, and they were full of energy and so much fun to work with. Teaching students who knew little to no English while I knew little to no Swahili was one of the most difficult things I've ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. It was so fun to hang out with the locals after volunteering was all done. The boys in the village are some of the greatest people you will ever meet, and they love getting to know you as well as telling you all about themselves and their culture. While on the island we also got the opportunity to go dolphin diving (we got so close that we could touch them... it was crazy!) as well as go sailing in the Indian Ocean and do a little snorkeling. Leaving Zanzibar Island and saying "baadaye" (later) to the locals was one of the saddest goodbyes I've ever had. Even though leaving the Island was hard, I had an incredible time on the safaris on the mainland. The guides on the safari were fun and full of great information about the land and the animals. It was incredible to see cheetahs, lions, giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras, and more in their own habitat instead of fenced in at a zoo. Our guides, Sammie Rothney and Sarah Levitt were WONDERFUL and great "moms" on our trip. With them, the trip went smoothly and every problem or question was taken care of or answered with ease. Once you go on a GIVE trip, you create a family with the locals, with your guides, and with the other volunteers. You meet some INCREDIBLE people on these trips that become lifelong friends. These people have amazing hearts, are extremely hardworking, and love to have fun while giving back and experiencing new cultures. Before going on this trip I was worried about funds, but I was able to raise money and let me tell you, it is worth EVERY cent spent. I highly suggest going to Tanzania or going on any of the GIVE trips.

Most Amazing Tour 2013 Asia Winner

Length 40 days
433 reviews
40 days
433 reviews
Starts in Bangkok
Ends in Bangkok

40 days in Thailand - Experience the Land of Smiles

433 reviews

We have been running this trip since 2003 and have spent a lot of years turning it into the best backpacking trip to Thailand on the planet. Winner of The World’s Most Amazing Tour of 2012  and Asia's Most Amazing Tour in 2013 by Tour Radar, our original 40-day trip to Thailand is the ultimate easy-going travel experience. Beginning and ending in Bangkok with a loop through the islands, beaches and jungles of Southern Thailand this trip is a relaxed tour through Thailand’s most amazing, fun, and lesser-known destinations. We’ll take you from some of the most insane party spots including The Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan to secluded paradises with no other tourists in sight. And always you’ll be enjoying the adventure at the nice, chilled pace that is uniquely ‘Free and Easy’.

  • Spend a Night in a Floating Bungalow
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Swim Through Phosphorescence
  • Refill not Landfill
  • Wat Pho Temple Tour *
  • Go Snorkelling
  • See "The Beach"
  • Have One Night in Bangkok
  • Tubing in Thailand
  • Practice Yoga on the Beach
  • Have a Tropical Island All to Yourself
  • Rock Climb Up a Natural Cliff Face
  • Buy Everything in Bangkok
  • Get Any Outfit You Can Imagine Tailor-made
  • Go Bungee Jumping
  • Dance Until Sunrise at the Full Moon Party **
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Party for Prosthetics
28th October 2016
My 40 day Thailand trip with free and easy was by far one of the most amazing experiences ever done . First of all the group size was perfect , there was 12 of us I believe so we were all really close and have lots of memories . My trip leaders were James And mike . The trip wouldn't have been the same without these two . James always knew how to make a potential boring situation fun from making tayler swift videos on the night train to playing card games . He was also always up from an adventure or a hike . He also brought Clamato so we could make Caesars before the full moon party which basically made the trip as I was in Caesar withdrawals at that point . My other leader mike was also an awesome guy . mike was a genuine guy that wanted to make sure everyone had a good time and was safe . He is responsible , caring and knew how to have a good time . Thanks guys for the great experience !!
28th October 2016
After doing a 40 day thai trip I would 110% reccommend FNEZ to anyone, they are an awesome company and go above and beyond to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime, get one booked!
27th October 2016
This trip was amazing. i would recommend to anyone and everyone. 40 days is just the right amount of time for this trip. anything less and i think it would have been to rushed. amazing sights. amazing people. amazing times

Most Amazing Tour 2013 Europe Winner

Length 4 days
70 reviews
4 days
70 reviews
Starts in Capri
Ends in Pompei

The Amalfi Coast- Blue Route

70 reviews

Only available on March 16th. All other Amalfi Coast Meet Us There trips will be "Silver Route".

Blue Route: Island of Capri, Positano, Pompeii. 

Head south to Italy’s #1 beach destination! Boat around the island of Capri, sip limoncello, and show off your new handmade sandals before breaking out your best dance moves in bustling downtown Sorrento. Bronze in Positano on the black sand beach and cruise along the coast. Finally, explore the ruins of Pompeii while admiring Mt. Vesuvius. Only Bus2alps includes your ferry to Capri, boat tour of the island, transportation to Positano and Pompeii. With us you can be sure that this will be your most brag-worthy weekend in Europe!

This is the trip that won Bus2alps the award for #1 Tour in Europe from TourRadar! 


Round trip luxury coach transport (with A/C, DVD, & bathroom) from a Roman airport Accommodation with your friends at top rated hostels Breakfast Ferry to the island of Capri with a private guided boat tour of the island (with an optional stop at the Blue Grotto) Private transfer to Positano Private transport to Pompeii Exclusive Bus2alps discounts everywhere A Bus2alps trip leader

Please note: Depending on which package you book, the trip will either meet at the Rome Fiumicino airport at 22:30 (10:30 PM) or at the Rome Ciampino Airport at 23:30 (11:30 PM) on Thursday evening. Please make sure your flight arrives prior to this time. Please plan your return flight to depart from either Rome FCO or Rome CIA airport after 19:00 (7:00 PM) on Sunday. 

12th May 2014
This was one of the best weekends of my semester.Though it is bittersweet, this is hands down the best weekend to end off my semester abroad. What really made this trip was the guides. They were helpful, profesional, very knowledgeable, and overall just some of the nicest coolest people i have met abroad. They made a good trip into one of the most amazing, unforgettable weekends of my life. Thank you
29th April 2014
The Bus2Alps Amalfi Coast Tour was absolutely horrible. I'm not usually one to write a review but the only thing that made the trip enjoyable was the location. We arrived at the hotel and to our surprise we were not placed in a room with our friends, we were not even placed in the same hotel as our friends. This wouldn't have been a huge problem, but every hotel departed for the excursions at different times so it was hard to contact our friends once we got to the location for the day. On another note, the hotel (we stayed Hotel Esperidi-even though we booked the Hotel Londra package) was nice, but for how much we paid we should have been treated as normal guests. The people who booked Bus2Alps were given a plate of two pieces of bread and a package of dry toast for breakfast, while the other guests at the hotel were given a display of yogurt, meats, cereals and fruits. Overall, I was extremely disappointed. You don't need Bus2Alps to see the Amalfi Coast, just do some research on the sights you should see, because all this tour did was point out more places we could spend our money.
15th April 2014
The Amalfi Coast is absolutely beautiful, and the Bus2Alps guides are the perfect mix of hands-off and helpful.

Most Amazing Tour 2013 Oceania Winner

Length 7 days
886 reviews
7 days
886 reviews
Starts in Sydney
Ends in Sydney


886 reviews

OzIntro is the perfect start to your Gap Year, Working Holiday or Holiday in Australia.

An awesome group tour and starter package showing you the best of Sydney, and including everything you'll need to live, work and travel in Australia.

It's all about good times, new friends and no worries!

24th April 2017
Oz intro is the perfect way to start a long trip in Australia for anyone who is unsure of how to get going. The first week is completely sorted for you and I really feel like they are there for me for help in the future. Sorting essentials like a bank account and sim cards is a great help. The week itself is an excellent way to see Sydney and the tour leader jake is great, he made me feel much more comfortable knowing there was someone who knew what he was talking about
24th April 2017
Had the best week on Oz intro! Met a fab bunch of people and did so much in a week :) Jake is fab, constantly full of energy all the time and helped us after the tour had finished, would definitely recommend!! X
24th April 2017
Fantastic week with a great leader. The whole week was ran smoothly and Jacob helped us with everything we needed. Not one dull moment.

Most Amazing Tour 2013 North America Winner

Length 15 days
149 reviews
15 days
149 reviews
Starts in Jiquilillo

GIVE - Nicaragua

149 reviews

Volunteer abroad with GIVE in Nicaragua and embark on an adventure that will change your life, while empowering and assisting others. Volunteer your efforts in a small fishing community on the Pacific Coast, working on infrastructure projects and English education. Sandboard down an active volcano and complete your volunteer adventure on a breathtaking island in the Caribbean - And now, for the first time, you can receive academic credit through GIVE's accredited course designed specifically to enhance your excursion. Combine your excursion with our groundbreaking course and be the Roots of Change!

Education Program

Education is the foundation of human development. As a GIVE volunteer, you will cultivate this concept by working one on one with local children to increase their opportunity and capacity to effectively learn and propagate valuable life skills.  The incredible desire and willingness these children have to learn and interact with our volunteers is truly inspiring.   Learn more about our educational program in Nicaragua.

Eco-friendly Infrastructure

As a GIVE volunteer, you will work with rural communities to implement valuable infrastructure that supports health, education, and the further development of human and social capital.  Community support and involvement in all development endeavors is key. GIVE sees this critical component in development as an opportunity to share culture and accomplishments by working side-by-side with local people.  While infrastructure projects are varied due to our excellent rate of completion, you can rest assured you will be involved in unique and innovative projects that continually push the limits of incorporating unprecedented, cutting edge eco-friendly building techniques. Take our vocational school for example: it's built out of over 15,000 plastic bottles and entirely powered by solar energy, publicly offered and privately financed by GIVE and it's partners.  Learn more about our eco-friendly, innovative infrastructure projects in Nicaragua.

Community Recycling Program

GIVE is focused on incorporating and engaging the community in all of our projects. All of the plastic bottles, candy wrappers, and other discards are collected through a community-recycling program.  This program is managed and run by local community members and illustrates their commitment, support, and belief in the importance of our projects.

The government provides no infrastructure for trash removal and therefore most discards are either burned or thrown into the sea. This recycling program is critical for community clean up and environmental awareness and is a catalyst for community involvement and empowerment.  Learn more about our eco-friendly building techniques with recycled materials.

Endangered Hawks Bill Turtle Conservation

As a volunteer, you will support a local NGO in protecting the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle by venturing out to secluded beaches in search for Sea Turtles laying eggs. Eggs are collected and kept away from predators to ensure their safety until the baby hatchlings are mature enough for release back into the wild. The most active months are between June-August.

The Hawksbill Sea Turtle has been pushed to near extinction due to poaching and destruction of habitat. The Padre Ramos Estuary, where this volunteer project is located, has been identified as one of the most important nesting sites on the Pacific Coast of Central America.

Volunteers will venture to a secluded island with a local research team to monitor Hawksbill turtles as they crawl up the beach to lay their eggs. To increase their chance of survival, volunteers will collect the eggs and bring them to a nursery for protection. Volunteers who join the trip in August will release the baby turtles back into the wild.

28th January 2017
I have never been so affected by a trip or a group of people in my life. Give has offered me the chance to grow as a person and help others who I believe are deserving of every possible opportunity I have, and they have given me more than I thought I would receive. They have given me a new family, a new home, and a new mission and passion in life. GIVE motivated me to change my major to sustainability, to educate all those in my life on ways in which we can be less harmful to our environment and to educate them on different cultures. I have learned more about myself and who I am. I now am part of a community that will forever be connected worldwide. The work itself was rewarding in various ways and that combined with really immersing ourselves in their culture multiplied that reward by thousands. I have been abroad before and have one volunteer work in the past but nothing compares to this trip and these people.
26th January 2017
Give Nicaragua changed my life, my perspective, how I view the world and how I view other people. It was a breathtaking experience that I wish everyone was able to do at least once, (even though once is not enough). The guides were incredible and I miss them so much it's not even funny. Go by yourself, meet new AMAZING friends for life. Like going on this trip is so eye opening, it'll make you realize that what you're doing back at home isn't what you want to do. Follow your dreams, give back, go on a give trip.
25th January 2017
Going to Nicaragua with GIVE has been the best experience of my life. I would recommend this trip to literally anyone from any background. I learned so much myself and this beautiful world we live in. I can't wait to go back to Nicaragua. If you are even slightly interested in going on this trip, DO IT!
* The Most Amazing Tour in South America was not awarded in 2013
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