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Headquarters in Chiswick, London, England
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  •  reviewer 1
    Rainforests and Reefs
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on November 29, 2016

    Amazing trip!! It was my first time visiting Africa so was unsure what to expect with this type of tour. Big thanks to Manache (guide) and Steve (driver) for ke...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thanks so much for leaving your comments, Bryce, and so glad you enjoyed your time out in Africa. If you can get more time off work, we would be happy to welcome you back to see another part of Africa!

  •  reviewer 2
    Maasai and Migration
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on November 19, 2016

    The food, guide, campsites, tents, Serengeti experience, zanzibar beach & hotels.. Everything was really great. Would highly recommend for budget travellers!! Y...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you very much for your review Leanne! Its great to hear you thoroughly enjoyed the trip and hope to see you in Africa again in the future!

  •  reviewer 3
    The Southern Safari
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on November 8, 2016

    This trip was incredible from start to finish. I was worried about travelling alone, however there were plenty of other people on the tour who were all lovely a...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you for your comments, Charlotte. It's great to hear that you have had such a fab time on your tour and made the most of being in this special continent :)

  •  reviewer 4
    The Absolute Safari
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on November 5, 2016

    The whole trip was amazing! I did their longest tour the Absolute Safari from Kenya to Cape Town. You get really good value for money...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review, Naomi. We are happy that you had such a good trip with us and got the most out of your time in Africa :)

  •  reviewer 5
    Namibia Nomad
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on October 23, 2016

    Absolute Africa Southern and Eastern Africa Overland Camping 2 tours on 2 d...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you so much for your thorough review of your two tours, Gary. We are glad you enjoyed your time in Africa so much and look forward to welcoming you back if you want to fill in the section from Tanzania to Vic Falls in the future!

  •  reviewer 6
    Simba Sounds
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on October 22, 2016

    Just finished 26 day tour (Simba Sounds) with Absolute Africa. I'm in my fifties and my son is 18 and we both agree that t...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you so much for your great review Niall. We are happy to hear that both you and your son had such a good time and have passed on your comments to Derek and David. Do get back in touch if you are looking to get back to Africa in the future!

  •  reviewer 7
    Gorillas and Game Parks
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on September 28, 2016

    ...e in the group creating lasting friendships! Thanks Derek, Angelo and Absolute Africa!
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thanks you for taking the time to leave a review, Jodie. We are very happy to hear you got so much out of your Gorillas and Game Parks tour and will of course pass on your comments to Derek and Angelo. We hope you will travel back Africa with us again some time!

  •  reviewer 8
    Namibia Nomad
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on September 17, 2016

    My time travelling with Absolute Africa from Zimbabwe to Cape town was amazing. We drove down from Z...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you for your review, Kahil. We are glad you enjoyed your tour through Southern Africa so much and will pass your comments onto your crew. Please get in touch if you wish to explore East Africa in the future!

  •  reviewer 9
    Wildlife Encounter (Reverse)
    3.0 - Average
    Written on September 15, 2016

    ...d in). Overall the experience was positive - but I wouldn't say that Absolute would be my first choice for a tour, and here's why: 1. The drivin...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thank you for taking the time to review your tour with us, Victoria. We are glad to hear that you did have a good trip but are sorry that you were not happy with some elements. As you mention, on this tour specifically, the key highlights are the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Tanzania’s most famous game parks - Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. There is a vast amount of ground to cover in order to visit both, and a 10 day travel time frame does suit well for many clients. As with all the trips we aim to break the travel time where we can as well, allowing for passengers to take part in other activities along the way. We do realise that it can be hard work travelling this way, but it is the best way to fit these highlights in such a short time without flying. We are sorry to hear that you felt Manache lost interest during the tour and was not an able leader. We have had many favourable reports about his abilities as a tour leader, both regarding his organisation, approachability and knowledge of local areas, and so are surprised and sorry to hear your opinion. Our tour leaders are not trained to be guides in the same sense as European tour guides giving running commentary, but rather to organise the group throughout the tour. We do frequently get feedback about the knowledge of our tour leaders and how much they know and share about the areas through which we travel. We are sorry if this was not your experience on your tour. In regard to the truck condition, we would like to highlight that there wasn’t a crack in the roof but a dividing gap between two ceiling boards. These are not part of the roof itself but are interior panels to make the inside of the truck more aesthetically appealing. The gap is covered by a strip of metal held in place by rivets and a rivet had come undone thus the panels were temporarily held together by tape until the truck was able to get hold of a rivet gun to secure the boards together again. This kind of thing can happen from time to time due to the fact that roads in some of the parks can be extremely bumpy. This is probably also the reason why the fridge stopped working as some of its parts are quite delicate. Having a fridge onboard is a luxury and these we import from South Africa. They need an expert to fix it which on the section of your tour during rural Tanzania unfortunately is not available, so the fridge was fixed at the first available opportunity. Our trucks are routinely checked and maintained before and after tours, when they get back to our workshop in Arusha. They are custom fitted for overland travel through Africa and are hardy vehicles. The nature of overland travel though does put extreme pressure on any vehicle, regardless of how it is constructed. As part of the roads we travel on are dirt roads, there is no way of stopping the truck from becoming dusty whether it has roll up tarps or windows as it gets in through every opening available. Having tarps instead of the smaller glass windows provides better views for everyone and is usually a preference for most people travelling on our tours. In terms of the pricing of our tours, we are able to keep our costs down due to the fact that we are mainly a direct sell company and use a very few select agents. As a result we keep our overhead costs down and this is a saving we can pass onto our passengers. All of our tours do include breakfast and dinner for the time whilst travelling with the truck within the price. We do not provide lunch due to several reasons, one of which that people can choose what they eat and also have the choice of how much they want to spend on it. It is also in the nature of overlanding through Africa that there are a great choice of optional activities along the way, provided by external operators. These are very varied activities which are not to everyone’s preference. By working this way, it means that the tour is more affordable for those that just want to do the key highlights on this route, whilst also allowing those with a larger budget to take part in a wider variety of activities available. This is ethos throughout our tours. We are also very open about which inclusions there are in the tour and we offer tailored budgets at sale stage to ensure that you budget for all the specific optional excursions you may want to do, meaning that passengers can get a good idea of the total budget the trip will cost and enabling them to compare with other companies. The more expensive companies do also offer a wide variety of optional extras and so are also not “all inclusive”, keeping to the traditional style of overlanding. We do hope that you will remember visiting the gorillas and spending time in the amazing Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater for many years to come.

  •  reviewer 10
    Namibia Nomad
    4.0 - Good
    Written on September 13, 2016

    I had an excellent tour. I did the Namibian Nomad tour, along with Garden Route, and enjoyed it immensely. I had a fantastic tour guide in Manache and driver in...
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    Absolute Africa commented on this review
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a review Todd. We are pleased to hear you had a great time on your tour. We have passed on your comments to Manache and Judah too.

About Absolute Africa

With over thirty years of experience running safaris from London to Cape Town and living and working on the Continent, enjoy the thrills, laughs, smiles and challenges of Africa with us, knowing that our crew, staff and management are doing all possible to make your safari memorable. In 1979 we crossed the Sahara Desert in a London taxi from Britain to Kenya. The company has grown from there and now operates 10 overland trucks in East and Southern Africa. Our choice of vehicle has changed whilst we retain the core idea of enabling passengers to experience Africa at an affordable price.

Absolute Africa Guides

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Questions & Answers

Here we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions.

  • Is my departure guaranteed?

    All our published departures are guaranteed and there is no minimum passenger number required in order for the tour to go ahead, so you can feel safe to go ahead with flight bookings and other travel arrangements when booking with us.

    Can you help with travel and accommodation arrangements before and after the tour?
    We can book airport transfers and accommodation for you both before and after the tour. This is booked in advance by us with trusted, reliable operators whom we regularly use and is then payable out in Africa direct to the local operator. There is no extra charge by booking through us, it just helps in making your trip planning easier!

  • When is the best time to go?

    Any time of year you are guaranteed to have the time of your life travelling in Africa. However it is worth knowing what sort of weather to expect and what you are more likely to see at certain times of the year.

    East Africa has two rainy seasons - long rains from mid March through to the end of May and a short rains in November/December characterised by brief showers. East Africa doesn't have a summer or winter. That being said, the hottest months in East Africa are from December to March. June to August can get cooler, particularly at altitude.

    Zanzibar's weather is similar to the mainland. Water temperatures average around 27 degrees all year. For water clarity July through to November, and January to April are usually best. The western side of the island particularly is well protected, making diving enjoyable for most of the year.

    Kilimanjaro creates its own weather. Mid January through to mid March can have superb conditions with little cloud prior to the arrival of the rains. From there there is an increased chance of rain, snow and a lot of cloud. From mid June the rains ease and visibility improves whilst it is very cold. Temperatures remain very cold through to the end of August. Temperatures improve again September to October and this is the driest time on the mountain, making for very good conditions trekking during this time. From mid October through to the end of December there can be rain, temperatures dropping on the mountain with the risk of snow from November onwards, through December.

    Southern Africa
    The rains come during the hot summer months from November to March in much of southern Africa, often experienced as afternoon thunderstorms making for spectacular skies. Cape Town and the Western Cape have a separate pattern with winter rains from June to August, and the Eastern Cape and along the Garden route receive rains on a lot less predictable pattern.

    Winter is from May to September. This is prime time for safaris with animals congregating around water holes, making them easier to spot as it is dry season.

    Remember weather in Africa, as everywhere, can never be guaranteed. Each country and regions within countries has its own variables as well. The above is provided as a general guide. Note weather can always surprise so be prepared for anything!

  • Why choose Absolute Africa?

    We offer a wealth of experience, having a long history of over 35 years operations on the Continent, with an office in both the UK and Africa. We also have our own workshop and fleet of 10 overland trucks in Arusha, Tanzania, and our knowledgeable, experienced staff and crew will support and back you up all the way. Focusing solely on Africa we are able to offer some original routes on what is a well-carved overland trail, and we are able to do so at very affordable prices.

    Knowing you are travelling with a company that has a reliable overland fleet, plus the experience and knowledge-base to deliver all the great highlights - the wildlife, culture, landscapes and fun adventure activities that bring clients to Africa - is essential.

  • What are the trucks like?

    Our trucks are specialised overland adventure trucks which are serviced and maintained in our own workshop in Arusha, Tanzania. They have all the essential features needed to maximise your viewing from the truck, as well as your comfort and security. Truck features include: forward facing coach seats with head rests and seat belts; large viewing spaces for unimpeded panoramic views from the side and front of the truck; an on-board fridge; resource library; personal lockup for your valuables, easily accessible under your seat; fire extinguisher & First Aid kit; and charge points, including UK power sockets to charge your camera and other electrical items, plus additional 12V sockets.

    The trucks are also equipped with an all-weather awning, a kitchen area with gas cooker and BBQ grill, trestle tables, camping stools and outside lighting. There are lockers to store your main backpack, tents and the high-density roll mats we provide.

  • Do I need to get visas prior to going?

    Most visas are easily obtained while on tour and are payable on the borders in USD cash, so it is not necessary to get them prior to your trip. This advice applies to most passports including Australians, New Zealanders, British, US, Canadian and most European passport holders.

    Feel free to check with us if you are unsure about the visa requirements for your particular passport.